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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Over Half Way There.....

I just realized this morning that I am over half way finished with the townhouse. I am tired of working on it, in case you can't tell....

Starting at the top and working down, I cleaned it up this morning. I want it done!

It was in worse shape than the last time I had to muck out my workshop! The workshop looked clean in comparison.

I had to take everything out and start over. There was dust on everything.

The roof garden is now officially finished, as is the top floor workroom, bathroom and hall. Everything that needs to be is glued in place.

As I moved from the top to the bottom, so did Tessie and Zar. I had the feeling that they had a list and were checking to make sure that I did everything properly.

No. They didn't offer to help.

Actually, I just noticed that I need to put a bit of trim around the top edges of the workroom and bathroom. Of course I figured that out after I put everything in place.....Oh. Baseboards in the bath.....

In the bedroom and closet, I need to finish installing the wall. Then I have to do all of the trim, glue down the floor coverings and add more furnishings....Lots to do here.

I stole the clothes rack from the closet and put it in the annex for Tessie's aprons, so I am going to have to do that again. Grrrrr. Oh! It needs curtains! Rats!!!

The bottom floor is the worst. I haven't even started doing kitchen cupboards, appliances and lighting.

I am in pretty good shape for furniture in the living room. Tessie still insists that she wants mid century mod stuff in there, so it is essentially finished. Score one for Tessie!

Anyway, we are ready to start. I am still knitting second socks for two more pair. No more minis today. The Terrible Two are just happy that I made it this far. Bug beer, cold cuts and cookies for everyone!

See you tomorrow.


Obscure Creations said...

Looking pretty good to me so far!

From Tyla @

Cote said...

Pues deberían ayudarte a limpiar!! realmente la terraza es un lugar acogedor y bonito!!
Besitos y feliz 2012!!

Lucille said...

What a beautiful house, Casey. You have so many treasures in there that you built. Although I saw the step by step process, I had forgotten so many things. I enjoyed exploring it all over again!

jeanuhlik said...

I love the curtain around the bathtub!! Sooo classy. Hurry on the floors before Tessie gets a splinter in her big toe!! (lol) They look so comfortable. Good place to start to finish out the Old Year and welcome in the New!! I just got wallcoverings for my first dollhouse and the baseboard came from Manchester on Christmas Eve. Now I have to varnish them and get some crown is never done!! ((HUGGS))

Simon said...

Well done Casey, you've done a fantastic job. I know what you mean about it getting to much and taking so long that you simply want it to end, but all your hard work and effort has really paid off.
Enjoy your beer

Merri said...

You really make me feel better, Casey..because I work just like you..going from project to project, like a wandering vine. But eventually everything gets all at once!