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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just a Little More Time....

I am slowly, but surely getting into the after Christmas mode. I actually did some mini-ing this morning....Hey! It's not much, but it's a start!

I finally glued the two panels on the front of the townhouse. The middle panel is warped a little. That's why I didn't like it as an opening wall to the front of the house. That sucker is going to stay glued in for all eternity now......Well at least for as long as I need it to stay there.

Tessie is relieved to find that I am actually doing anything to her abode. Zar is hoping for closure, so that I will someday get back to the Clockwork Cottage.....Someday.....

I am very proud of myself this year. Usually the week after Christmas is when I figure out that the workroom will never be clean again. This year I made it a strict rule that I would NOT pile anything on the floor. That seems to be where it always starts.

The piles that you see on the chair and desk are all that I have to clean up. I can do that in a flash....Now all I need is a little time to do it.

This is one of those days when I am doing laundry with one hand, cleaning with the other, and knitting with my toes.

Speaking of knitting, I finished April's Christmas socks....OK....They were only two days late. Sorry about that, April. I am happy to report that there will be enough yarn left over to do socks and a hat for the baby.

Just before Christmas, I entered a drawing on "Stitching 'n' Knitting" . Teresa Fox was giving away a few socks to keep your tatting shuttle warm...That's what happens when you both knit and tat. Anyway, I was one of the lucky winners. Isn't the shuttle sock the cutest thing!?

I will have the warmest shuttle in Tucson! Thanks Teresa! I love it.

Last but not least, look what I found!

The printer's tray in the back was something that my friend Sue brought to me at the last Wednesday Witches meeting. She knows that I collect such things and she wanted to get rid of it. Thanks Sue!

While rearranging stuff and putting away, I found the gourds in the basket. They were some that I bought a couple of weeks ago at the antique mall. I also found the five larger gourds in the closet.

Guess who is going to be experimenting with more gourd baskets. I think that some of the tops of the smaller ones can be cut off for mini baskets, but I want to do some larger ones also. Those should only take me a couple of years to use....That's in between minis, knitting, tatting and other needlework....

It looks like the coming year is going to be full of things to keep me busy.

Tessie and Zar are nagging me to finish cleaning the workroom and get back to mini-ing. I had better get to it and do it.

See you tomorrow!


Lucille said...

Good luck with your cleaning, knitting, tattling, shuttling, needle work, miniying, and keeping on top of Tessie and Zar all through the year, Casey. LOL!

Simon said...

Merry Christmas Casey, Tessie and Zar look like they have hada great time. The Toun House is really starting to take shpe now especially with the front attached.

MerriMagic said...

Almost time to make New Year's resolutions, yanno! Have fun cleaning!

Caseymini said...

Merri, my New Year's resolution is always the same....I resolve not to make or keep any and all New Year's resolutions!LOL

jeanuhlik said...

Thank you for sharing your post-Christmas events. You are such a busy gal!! Good to see Tessie and Zar are behaving themselves. Those socks are a Hoot!!! Before I read the part about the contest, I thought maybe the "little" sock was for the new grandbaby, oops!! ((HUGGS))

JJ said...

Dear Casey, merry christmus! I'm on holidays in Victoria at the moment! Visiting family. So I haven't had a chance to look at your blog for ages! Your right, that baby is adorable! What's his name? You could use the chicken fabric for a tablecloth, it would suit tessie and match the scelitin fabric, just an idea! ( don't worry I won't tell tessie!) jess

Seth said...

The socks are great! Thanks again!

April said...

The socks are great! Thanks again!