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Friday, September 30, 2011

Rice Paper....Or Not to Rice Paper....

This is it. This is all I accomplished this morning...One potted bush. I am not even sure what kind of plant it is.... Can you tell that I am not impressed?

I cut leaves until I was blue in the face. My punch cuts fine on the drawing paper that I usually use for plants. It was NOT cutting fine on the rice paper. That stuff is tough!

I used rice paper all the way through college for pen and ink sketches. Loved it for that.

I am sure that it is just a matter of preference, but I was not satisfied with the results that I got this morning.

I couldn't find a couple of my flower punches. That was the first bump in the road. The punches that I did find not working, was the second bump.

I forged ahead and cupped the leaves. The did well on that step. I glued them to the stems. They did well there.

Then I got out the watercolor and did some shading on some of the leaves.(second photo)

I couldn't really tell a lot of difference with the before and after.

Since I couldn't find my tiny flower punch, I decided to just put some flower foam in a few spots and let it go at that....

That's why I am cleaning the workroom. To find missing tools and materials that I know I have stashed somewhere....

And besides, as soon as I finished it, Tessie grabbed it and ran. She is now in the roof garden, petting the pot and singing songs to make the poor little plant feel better. She says that I was much to mean to it.

Maybe after the room is clean and I find the punches that I really need, I will have another go at the rice paper. Right now though, I see a lot of pen and ink drawings in my future....

See you tomorrow.

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Kathi said...

I love the photo on the last post of all of the pretty colored rice paper. I was even thinking of going to buy some... Now I think I'll stay with the exam table paper I've been using. I'll send you some so you can try it. It takes paint well and cuts easily.
Hope you have a great weekend! :D