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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Painting a Rainbow...

Two more areas down in the workroom! After working on this hutch, I have decided that it needs painting. It looks very shabby, and not in a chic way, next to the new one that I put together.

This is where all of my beading supplies live now. The three bottom shelves are beads, findings and other supplies. I think that I am never going to another bead show. I have enough to last for two lifetimes now.

I got the closet straightened again. I still have to go through some of the plastic bins, but those can be done in the evenings while I am relaxing.

I even hung a new shelf in there. You can't really see the shelf itself. It is what all of the dried gourds are setting on, to the left.

I rearranged the storage bins again too. The two at the left end are turned to face front now, instead of sideways.

Now about that rainbow....Yesterday, my friend Joan brought some rice paper to share with the rest of us. I was delighted. I have been wanting to try mini flowers, using rice paper.

I turned the family room into a rice field of sorts. I dug out some watercolors, an old pad of regular paper and a big brush and went to work.

If you aren't familiar with rice paper, it's lots of fun. You can slurp water all over it and it stays flat and strong. See the clothes line in the corner? Each of those pages were laid on the pad and painted on both sides in one setting. Paint. Flip over. Paint again. If you do this with regular paper(as you can see by the pad with green on it)it buckles and fights every step of the way and if you tried to pick it up by one corner, you would wind up with a tiny corner in your hand and the rest nicely staining the carpet.

My watercolors were pretty stiff. They haven't been opened for years. The nice thing about those is, if you can get to the paint, you can still just add water and stir. They come back to life.

I am going to leave the paper and you hanging for twenty four hours. Then it will be ready to punch, form flowers and paint some more. I think that I will just sit and watch it dry for a while now. No. Back to work!

See you tomorrow.


Lataina said...

Your storage looks fantastic! Do you really know what is in every drawer, bin, basket? I love the colors on the rice paper. So bright and pretty! Looking forward to seeing what flowers bloom. =)

Claudia said...

Your space is looking pretty nifty and well organized! I know that takes a lot of work - good for you! Did Tessie help at all?


Maru said...

:-D It looks like my workroom. Everywhere you look you can find boxes :-)

Judith said...

I'm very impressed by your tidy workroom. Well done! I tidy things up and then within a week or two everything is messed up again. I need to follow your example I think. Judith x