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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Running Away From Home....

The room cleaning is at a stand still. I do have lots of holes, but right in front of the holes is the dreaded laundry basket...To be sorted...

So, April and I decided to go shopping for furniture this morning....It ran into the afternoon....No furniture....

We did hit a great sale at the UNICEF store. It was out front, blocking the sidewalk, so we had to stop and look.

Some of the things on sale were actually from the store. Evidently stuff that hadn't sold for a while.

I bought three pieces.

Of course, when Tessie saw them she grabbed. None were her size.

The Chinese moth pendant is just cast resin, but very pretty. It will work well with a kumihimo braid.

The red bracelet is polished coral. The back side is even more interesting than the front. Lots of black veins running through it.

The last is dZe(yes, that is the correct spelling) beads with Stirling silver caps on the end, from Tibet.... I have been wanting some of these for a while....Usually they are way more expensive.

What is so special about these pieces? I paid three dollars and seventy five cents for all! It was an amazing sale! I could have gotten more bargains, but we had other places to go and other things to see.

After Tessie relinquished the jewelry, because it didn't fit, Mookie agreed to model the dZe necklace. I can't say that he was terribly excited about doing it either....It was more like,"Well, if I have to......"

Soooo....Anyway, I didn't get even a toothpick put away today. Now it looks like it is going to storm. I just heard thunder. Isn't it against some principle to clean when there is lightening going off overhead? I think so. I promise to go back to work tomorrow. Minis, here I come.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Mookie is just adorable! He has such beautiful fur. I'm sending him a big hug! Interesting pieces you picked up!

Kathi said...

Your photos always make me smile. :D Love the black and white beads. Lamps maybe? Hope the rain stops and the sun shines soon.

Caseymini said...

No Kathi, I won't be cutting those up to use for mini. Those will stay intact for good luck!