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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Get the Lead Out!!!

OK. I am on the last window! I framed it out this morning.

I found one piece of window channel with just an inch or two to spare. This is the easiest way to do a leaded window. I am lazy by nature and not worried about opening the window. So....Simple frame made of window channel, piece of plastic to fit and some golfer's lead tape.

I simply cut four pieces of channel to fit the inside of the window opening. Then cut the plastic. to the right size with a pair of scissors.

I marked the window inside the frame. I didn't want the lead tape to interfere with the window sliding into the groove.

I stained the frame to match the rest of the wood timbers. While it was drying, I did a diamond pane pattern with the leading. I have shown how to do this in other entries, so I won't go into that part.

When I dry fit the pieces, with the plastic in the frame, I tried it to make sure that it fit. I had to do a bit of sanding on the miters on the frame, but I would rather have it a little to large than a little too small. You can always subtract, but you can't really add.

This is how It looks at present. Right now, we are trying to decide if we want to make the glass look old or not. If I do the nail polish bit on it, you can't really see through it. I am thinking that I want to be able to see into the kitchen from the front side.

I also still need to do a strip of lead around all of the edges of the window. Then it will be done.

Tessie refuses to come out as long as Zar is fooling around with snails. At one point I heard her say, "Snails are only good for shrinking potions. If I were you Zar, I wouldn't mess with those nasty creatures! You might wind up being three feet tall and with webbed feet besides!" Then she proceeded to lock him out of his own abode.

She is now sanitizing the whole trailer. And we all know how Tessie hates cleaning! She is threatening to take over the trailer for herself if he doesn't get rid of them....You don't suppose that could be an excuse for taking up residence, do you? Nah....Tessie wouldn't do something like that....

I guess I had better go set Tessie straight. It's Zar's trailer and he can eat slugs if he wants to do so! Yuck! I know I am going to get into a terrible argument, but that's the way it is.... This one is Zar's!

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Nice work on the window, Casey! I also prefer to be able to see through the window. Also, you can check up on Tessie when you know she's alone in there to see what she's up to!

Caseymini said...

Lucille, I had the same idea. There's no telling what she will do if nobody's keeping an eye on her!

miniacollection said...

Wonderful window!

Kathi said...

The window looks perfect! Great job!