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Monday, September 26, 2011

Early to Rise....

April and Seth came over for dinner last night. This was the first time that they had seen Zar's finished project. I accidentally left the light on in the trailer and after dark we noticed it.

Seth is a great photographer. I asked him if there was any way to take a photo of it, the way it was. He grabbed the camera and the tripod and did twenty or so photos.

This is the one that we liked the best when he finished. I realized this morning that I have never taken a good photo of the carving on Tessie's white bed....By the way, it is still in the top of the bookcase. I just looked. She zapped it back when I wasn't looking.

I took it out to take these photos. She put it back when I finished. She thinks that she is winning. I think that I am....Remember? I am bigger than she is.

I designed and made this bed a few years ago. I turned it on it's head so that you could see that it is really a bed and not just a block of ceiling tile.

I think that's why Tessie wants it. It's real...
I am going to paint the house shaped bookcase black today.....That should settle it. Unless she wants to live in an all black house, the argument will be over.

Don't forget to poke the photos for a closer view.

See you tomorrow. I will win!!!


Virginia Isabel said...

que cama mas maravillosa.

Teresa said...

That bed is the most gorgeous bed I have ever seen! Love it. I am surprised that Tessie likes all the lace, etc. But I sure do love it!

Drora's minimundo said...

The bed is very beautiful. The curvings and the bed-clothes are fantastic. Very good photos too.
I wonder how you keep them so clean and white.

Patty said...

What a gorgeous bed! I love all of the details!

Helene Dalmar said...


Lucille said...

Casey, that bed is a piece of art. I not only poked the photos twice, I also enlarged them using Ctrl and the plus sign. That carving is so exquisite! And the soft furnishing of the bed is so perfectly dainty! It must have taken you ages to do that. And, that photo of the trailer taken at night is so dreamy. I feel like I'm outside looking in at little people and how they live.

Sandra from Sydney said...

Casey the bed is gorgeous I am sure that Tessie is very proud of it; it is beautifully carved and dressed. And the photo of Zar's trailer is excellent. I love photos that are taken at night with the lights on - wish I could do it successfully. Good luck with your black bookcase battle!

Merri said...

That's sure one BEAUTIFUL BED, Casey! I love the shot of the trailer too..yup it looks very professional!

You all did a great job! The 6-year-old deserves a special treat of some kind, for focusing so hard!

Congratulations on two projects WELL DONE!