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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tis' the Season.....

Maybe it's because, when it changes to fall here, we get more sleep because it's not so hot and we wake up with more energy. Maybe it's because my workroom gets cooler. That's usually the hottest room in the house in the summer months and the coldest one in winter.

This time of year, it's just right, temperature wise. Sooo.....I get a bee in my bonnet to deep clean.

I am tired of hunting for things and not finding them until I no longer need them. Tessie is too....She's up on the attic shelf yelling, "Where's my bed???"

For the past two days, I have been locking myself in the workroom, hours at a time.

It is semi related to minis because, once I finish, I can get a lot more mini-ing done. And it will get done a lot faster if I don't have to look for a widget that I shoved in a drawer somewhere, just to get it out of the way.

OK. The rant is finished. On with the show and tell....Kathi, over at "Beautiful Mini Blessings" asked, in a comment last week, "How do I like to store supplies. Just for you Kathi. This is how I do it (theoretically).

I finished putting together another storage unit yesterday morning. I took the bookcase from Walmart and installed it on the wall next to the door. On top of that, I put a unit that used to be on my desk. It is usually used for office supplies, but I am using it for bottle of glue and various other supplies.

I painted the little house bookcase black. Let it dry. Stacked it on top. I now have a passable hutch. It is already full.

I have a habit of making up rules for where things go as I do it. Sometimes they get re stacked three or four times, until the most used items are on top. That way I don't have to move things to get to the ones that I want.

If you poke the photo, you can see that the boxes are all neatly labeled. That really helps.

Lucille, thanks for the tip from your comment yesterday! I am going to pass it along. Probably most people know it already, but I didn't. Maybe others would like to know. She said, if you push the "Ctrl key" and the "+ key" at the same time, you can make the photos even larger on the photo page. I did not know that! By the way, to get your page back to normal just use the little magnifying symbol down on the bottom right and punch it back to 100%.

Anyway, you should be able to read the labels if you do that. I did notice that I missed the container with felt in it. Putting that on my "to do list" now.

I have a second bookcase done already this morning. I am labeling everything as I go and that takes a lot of time. Thank goodness for the Dymo label maker!

I only have four bookcases, the closet and various other nooks and crannys to go.... I promise that tomorrow I will start doing some kind of mini tutorial along with the cleaning, so that you won't get bored like Tessie.

She has been pouting all morning because I hid her bed.... She didn't bother to look in the townhouse... Oh well...

Back to cleaning. See you tomorrow.


Michelle said...

I can relate to this! I too have been having a massive tidy up because I can't find the things I want, so I either give up or go and buy what I want again! Grrr! I also now have to label my storage (not something I've ever done in the past- nightmare scenario for not doing it!).

So, 2 more very large and deep drawers to empty and refill wil mini's and mini supplies.

I can no longer get my photo's to enlarge on my blog. :o(( I haven't done anything different when I upload them etc. I don't know if it's to do with recent changes on Blogger and editing and/or the new editor (I've been using it a while now though).

Michelle :o)))

Lucille said...

Beautiful reorganization, Casey. Now you will have everything at your fingertips. Glad to have helped with the enlargement tip. I did a major cleanup in March but did not label anything. Now, I see the beauty of it. So, I'll be labeling everything shortly. It sort of takes my creative energy away when I have to hunt for something. You have a regular store in there, don't you! Fantastic!

Looking Glass Miniatures said...

wow looks great, and so well organized!! I have been slowly doing my room,but it just keeps


Caseymini said...

Lucille, that's thirty years of not throwing anything away.LOL I guess you could call it a store....Or maybe someone should get me on "Hoarders". No, I take that back. I worked long and hard to collect all of the stuff that is in there. I wouldn't want to have to start over...

Katie said...

I like seeing you clean, makes me feel like I need to clean, too...My desk is piled too high for my likings! I just stand and stare at it, lol.

Loved the picture Seth took of the trailer! And of the Headboard- Beautiful!

Merri said...

Your shelving looks lovely! Wish I could do that..but my cats would have that whole wall of shelves knocked down in about 30 seconds flat.

My space is so limited. We're in a very small house, and I can't go up and down stairs, so my stuff's all piled up in one corner, in a cupboard and under a folding table. Oh well. I can enjoy looking at your wonderfull workshop! I'm so jealous!

Caseymini said...

Merri, our house is small too. It helps that there are only two people living here and only one is a collector of supplies. I have two cats that are told "No!" a lot.LOL They get used to it.

Merri said...

LOL Casey...I have five cats, all of them selectively deaf. It's impossible to know where all of them are, all the time, and they're real good at pointing paws at each other. Now I just keep my stuff behind barbed wire and broken glass.