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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Off With Her Head!!!!!!

First of all, I thought that you might like a progress report on the pomegranates. They are about right for picking. Because of the low amount of rain this year, I had fewer and smaller than most years. A lot of them split open from the heat. Anyway, this is the last of the pomegranate reports.

Now....On to the title of this entry. This morning I know just how Alice's Red Queen felt!

I managed to get the new bookcase built. It was an easy build. Not long at all. I do believe that it will be filled to the brim in a matter of days.

That is, if I can evict Tessie! I put the black oak finish bookcase in place. So far, so good. Then I stacked the house shaped bookcase on top, to see how it would work. Just fine.

I plan on painting it black to match the bottom one. It might even look like it all belongs together.

I came in here to get the camera. It only took half a minute. When I returned, this is what I discovered.

No. Your vision hasn't gone bad. That is indeed Tessie on the top shelf....

As I entered, she declared, "This is more like it. Five stories and an attic. Spiderwort Manor! At last!!!" Then she settled into the chaise and relaxed.

That's when I turned into the Red Queen and hissed, "Tessie! If you don't take your furniture and get out, I am going to wring your neck! This is NOT one of your houses!"

I explained to her as calmly as possible that to spite the house shape, it was going to be a bookcase and shelves to put thing on....

She came back with, "My furniture are things!"

We went round and round about the difference between her furniture and "things".

My patience was ground to dust and I shouted, "Off with your head!"

In a flash, she was gone and so was the furniture.

I don't think that I am out of the woods yet. I went into our bedroom and I saw a bare foot sticking out from under the dust ruffle....And I heard a voice say, "These aren't at all adequate. The Harrison only has seven rooms and the Magnolia only really has four. Hmmmm....I wonder if they could be combined? That would give me eleven....No...I need more! Oh! There's a small cottage over there....That has three rooms...."

As she counted, I tiptoed out. I am hoping that she will fall asleep under there. I can move the house kits to another location and try to convince her that it was all a dream...That would be a kinder solution than dislocating her head from her shoulders.

I am off to start singing lullabies. Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Tessie's chaise is beautiful! And that BED! Drop down gorgeous!
Beautiful work Casey!!!

Minka's Studio said...

Pomegranates? I had no idea you were growing them! I've never seen any grown in the USA. This so cool! How many years have you been growing them?

Caseymini said...

Minka, I have had bushes at both of our homes here. They grow very well. this one is more of a tree. It is about 10 feet tall. Last year's crop was the best I have had. This year's the worst. I just hope we don't have anymore severe freezes like the one this year. It ruined both my pomegranates and my figs!

Audra said...

Kathi is right! That bed is beautiful! One of your creations?

Minteriors said...

I concur with Kathi's assessment! Those 3 pieces are a definite "2 thumbs up." Lovely!!!

Sandra from Sydney said...

You obviously have a green thumb Casey. I know they both grow in Australia too but haven't tried either of them. As for Tessie - I hope you both come to some sort of agreement though it does make life rather fun doesn't it lol? I have the Magnolia too, and also wish it had more rooms. It is a delightful kit - another of my 1/12th scale UFOs!