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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Proof of Work....

This morning I didn't get a lot of mini-ing done. I decided to go in another direction. I moved furniture and then moved it back again.

First of all, I cleaned out Tessie's Townhouse....Amazing! There is still a house under all of the junk that I had piled in it.

I was going to move things around so that the townhouse and the trailer would both be in that corner....It didn't work. It was very crowded. Back to square one.

Tessie and Zar spent most of the time in the roof garden. Zar wants something similar for his trailer, but without the varmints.
He dug out his Steampunk rifle and volunteered to take out the irritants in Tessie's garden. She promptly told him what he could do with his rifle....Take it and bury it somewhere, so it won't cause any trouble!

I don't think she is too worried. Rocky just went behind his back and had his fill of yellow pear tomatoes...Zar didn't have a clue.

I do believe that Zar and Elmer Fudd would get along famously.

Anyway, here's the corner now. It won't stay this way, but it will look nice when I have the witches in tomorrow.

I did get one little bit of work done on the trailer. I covered the step for the shower tower and got about two thirds of the way around the base with the stone work.

The rest of the morning was spent on more serious cleaning. I have about a quarter of the workroom done the way that I want it. Of course, by the time I finish getting around the whole room, I will just have to start over and do it again.

I can actually walk through the door and all the way to the opposite wall now, without getting lost! Pretty amazing. I found stuff that I didn't even know I had.

I have to go and take Zar's gun away now. I just heard shots coming from the family room. With his luck, he probably shot himself in the foot or killed a pumpkin plant with one shot to the head....

See you tomorrow.


Claudia said...

Looks very neat and clean there. But Zar shouldn't have a rifle, I think!


Elaine Z, said...

That's right, Zar should have a ray gun!

Lainie said...

Ooh! I love all your printers trays, too!

Caseymini said...

Actually, the Steampunk rifle is just the thing for him. It has to be wound up and the gears in just the right position before he can shoot anything...Whatever he wants to shoot has run away by the time he gets into shooting mode...I fear that a ray gun would be much worse.No time lapse for thinking about fireing it...

With the clockwork gun, he is usually out of the mood to harm anything by the time he gets it loaded. Much safer that way.

Merri said...

Zar sounds like my Zeb. My husband's friends won't hunt with him..they say they love life and aren't ready to go yet. So they let Zeb come along when they go to camp, and he cooks up rib roasts, shrimp feasts, and other good dinners, and gets a portion of venison in return.