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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Little Minis............

A very little minis got done today. I have worked out how I am going to do the curves on the kitchen counter....Yup. Toilet paper rolls should do the trick. I am going to do them in wood veneer. That will curve nicely. This is the general shape that the counter will be when I am done. The top of the counter will follow the contours of the rounded ends. So much for minis....

I had five other mini witches here this afternoon and we ate, talked and all the while we each went our own way in the work department.

The subject changed often and we had a good time. At one point, we were talking about bead work and embroidery with added elements.

I dug out this piece that I did back in the 80s. It is crewel wool embroidery with rust added. The rust is a coil of wire and a square cut nail that I found in the dirt somewhere. People are writing books about this kind of embroidery like it is something new now....Everything old is new again.... I did a lot of this kind of thing back then. That was back when I did more embroidery and just a little mini-ing.

On to bead work. This piece isn't finished yet. I started it several years ago and the six year old hid it somewhere so that I could work on something else...Attention span is the key....Attention span? What attention span? I really should finish this one. I kind of like it.

Anyway, cooking, eating, chatting and waiting for the rain to start was all I accomplished today. We have dark clouds and lots of thunder, lightening and wind....Not one drop of rain. We neeeeed rain!!!!

I promise to get back to work on the immobile home tomorrow.

See you then.

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Judith said...

I love your embroidery! You're so right about this kind of thing being in vogue again now. Interesting how things come around again if you wait long enough :-)
Judith x