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Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Could Take a While.....

I put together base for the kitchen counter for the Clockwork Trailer this morning.

I made the basic box with bass wood. Then I slit two toilet paper cores lengthwise, making sure that the cut was straight with a T square.

Pay no attention to the markings for drawers. Those were put there before I decided on the curved sides.

Notice that I put a toe kick at the bottom front. That will be painted black. I am thinking of putting veneer the full height of the sides, with only the center front not reaching the floor. No decision yet.

First I glued the front edge of the tubes 1 1/2" in from the sides and let it dry. This part had to be done in two steps. Much easier that way.

After it was dry, I wrapped the other end around to the back, measuring in the same amount on both sides. That way the sides will be symmetrical....Theoretically. This will have to dry thoroughly before I lay on the veneer.

Tessie insisted that I show you the back. I am not sure why. I am holding the tube in place with blue painter's tape for the time being. The back has to lay flat so that it will go against the wall.

Tessie then started rummaging through all of the veneers. I asked what she was up to....She announced, "Zar can't have all of this! I want this piece, and this one, and that one over there." and....I should have a fancy kitchen in the townhouse. Why have you been holding out on me. I want the curly maple!"

That's when Zar marched in, toting his gun. "Tessie! Get out of my counter and leave the wood alone or I'll shoot!"

She knows just how long it takes him to load that thing and get it fire ready....Three seconds before he was locked and loaded, she vanished...So did half the wood.

I couldn't see where she was hiding, but I heard her shout, "I only took my fair share. He can have the rest!"

I do hope that I will have enough to cover the counter. I noticed that the curly maple is missing, also some walnut and cherry. She did leave the pieces that I have cut to fit the side curves....Nice of her, don't you think?

I had better go help Zar hide the rest of the veneer. There is always the possibility that she might come back....

See you tomorrow.


otterine said...

Interesting...I'm going to be using a cardboard roll myself soon. :D

Minteriors said...

Your imagination well is very deep, Casey! This latest little "project" will be another novel approach to kitchen cabinetry. Can't wait to see the finished product. Go, girl!

Katie said...

LOL.... I bet the makers of veneer never thought any one would use it to cover a toilet paper roll....LOL

Caseymini said...

Hey Katie, I am a firm believer in "Whatever works!". PLease don't tell the veneer makers! They might want their product returned! I have some of the veneer on and I wouldn't want to have to take it off and send it back!LOL

Andréa said...

very nice ideia, but the rest is wood??
I love your work!