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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Home Again, Home Again....

Yesterday, after I finished the blog, Tessie and I struck a deal.... Instead of many aprons, I would make her a bathing suit and cap, and one more apron.... She liked the bathing cap so well that she later amended the list with one more thing. A mob cap to match the apron.

As soon as I finished the sewing, she wanted to go out to the pool again. She got as far as the gate. She climbed over, looked at the water and announced, "If I go in there, I might ruin my new bathing suit. If it gets wet, it might shrink. I changed my mind. I am going to sunbathe instead."

She jumped down on the safe side of the fence and made herself comfortable in one of the lounge chairs....She almost got sat on by a 250 pound man! Thank goodness she moves fast! So much for the sunbathing.

On the way back to the room, she found what looked like the valve for turning on water for the pool...I doubt that it was, but she wanted a photo with it for Zar. "It looks Steampunky and he will like it."

So Steampunky it was. She accidentally started the wheel spinning around and around. I had to stop it and get both of us away from there before someone discovered what she had done...The pool never did overflow, so I am not sure what the valve was meant to operate.

We left for home about nine and got here about eleven, after a couple of stops.

When we got home, April was still here babysitting the cats, but really doing laundry. So we had lunch. She just left and I came in here to do the blog. Look what I found!

Tessie has a lot of explaining to do. It seems that Zar actually missed her harassment. It was too peaceful for him. I am sure that feeling will go away soon enough.

They are now sitting on the edge of the desk and she is telling him all about her adventures. He is non too happy about being left behind.....Maybe, on our next vacation, we will have to invite him and leave her at home. Much less demanding that way.

She just launched into a story about her friends, the tree people. I do hope that he keeps her busy telling stories for the rest of the afternoon. I have to go unpack.

See you tomorrow.


Lataina said...

LOL....Tessie is looking very stylish in her new bathing Loving the new caps!!! =)

Lucille said...

Tessie looks so sweet in her new swimsuit and mob cap. When I saw her sitting on the bench with Zar's arm around her, I thought that they might be starting to be interested in each other in a romantic way! LOL! Is that a possibility?

Plushpussycat said...

What a cute couple they make! And Tessie looks so softened in Zar's arms--sweet!

Caseymini said...

Trust me. It won't last. Zar is already mad because he didn't get to go. I think that maybe he was getting ready to choke her when I took the photo! They are now NOT speaking at all and in separate parts of the house.

Susan said...

Oh my stars I love Tessies bathing costume! She's a heck of a lucky witch having you for her handmaiden :)

Merri said...

Aww, you'll have to take Zar too, next vacation! How would you like being left behind? And romance is funny, I've seen some pretty odd couples..they make it work, even if the day-to-day life is a little hairyscary!

Merri said...

Oh yeah...LOVE the mobcap and bathing suit. Make Zar a peruke cap and they'll both be in style!

Kathi said...

Tessie's new clothes and caps are so pretty! She looks relaxed after her trip. Hope you are too!

Nina said...

Love the bathing ensemble - very becoming! Casey, you are so creative!