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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oldies But Goodies....

Today is Wednesday and I have things to do before I go to the witches meeting....

I got a couple of e mails from people asking if I had instructions for bow making for packages and for suitcases. They couldn't seem to find them with my search window. They were both there. I found the bows under "ribbon" and the suitcases under "suitcase". It works for me...Sometimes, if you add or subtract an "s", you get better results. That's probably what happened.

Anyway, I decided to use this as an excuse to go back and show you where to find these two particular tutorials. I keep saying that I am going to re do all of the labels.....I am going to....Honest...One of these days.

First the bows. They are located at,

Then the luggage.

The instructions for those are at

By the way, things are back to normal...It must have been something that Zar said. I caught this photo just after Tessie punched him in the nose! So much for rumors of so called romance! That's going to leave a mark! Black eye or bloody nose? Maybe both.

See you tomorrow.


Lataina said...

Thank you Casey for posting this. I also tried doing a search and couldn't find it. Should you be looking into anger management for Tessie? LOL What on earth did Zar say to her?

Merri said...

LOL, it does look like things are back to normal..but you never know ;) There definitely SOME kind of spark betwixt the two of em.

Love those suitcases, btw. I always wanted red luggage.

Lucille said...

Poor Zar! I think he needs a holiday. Or a treat! He needs to be spoiled a little!

Caseymini said...

Merri, I made the red luggage from an old necktie. If you follow the tutorial, you too can have red luggage!

I don't know what Zar said,Iris. It must have been something that Tessie really, really didn't like!

Lucille, I am going back to work on Zar's mobile home today. I do feel sorry for him.LOL