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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Waiting for Glue to Dry....Again

Zar put together the enclosure for the staircase this morning. I cut the pieces from Crescent Illustration board. It matches the lines of the steps and the back will be where the door goes.

We have to wait for the glue to get good and dry before going on to the next step.

So to put my time to good use, I decided to finish one of the coiled pieces that I started yesterday. When I finished the coiled part of the piece, I decided to take Phyllisa's advice. She said that she liked the beaded cabochons better than the coiled.

I had thought of adding some beads, but I didn't do it as I went. I did it the hard way.

I went back with beading thread and needle and added beads where needed.

Here you see the end result. I think that this is as far as I am going with this one.

For a first try, it isn't bad and I definitely like doing the pieces with wire rather than cord. The cord is just too flimsy.

The photos really don't do the piec of mother of pearl justice. It has all of the colors of the thread in it.

I turned this one into a bar pin. It just didn't look right as a pendant.

Anyway, I am off to finish the laundry that I didn't finish yesterday. Then I will get to work on the staircase. Tomorrow I will have something to show for our labour.

See you then.


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What amazing work! I'm really fascinated ... You are very creative and talented.
Best wishes