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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Out of Cove....

OK. We are coming right along on the staircase. I put it together, stained the steps and half timber, painted the walls and then glued the pieces together. I sat it up next to the end of the trailer and then discovered that I only had a couple of short pieces of cove molding left. Not enough to do the rest of the steps that lead to the roof...Rats!!!

Rather than run to the lumber yard and pick up a couple of feet of molding, I opted to go back to doing coiled basket jewelry.

I finished this one with the bird last night. I am very pleased with it. So is Tessie. She is trying to get it away from me for a wall hanging for the townhouse. So far I am keeping ahead of her.

I started this one last night. I am not sure what the stone is in this one. I finished the coiling this morning, but I still want to put some bead work on it, so I can't say it's done.

This is much more fun than making boring old baskets. Every one turns out completely different.

Don't worry. I am not stopping on the immobile mobile home. I just need molding...When Home Depot next opens, I will get the cove.

Meanwhile, Tessie and Zar can at least get to the roof without climbing the walls.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Matxalen said...

¡Que originales! Me encantan

Kathi said...

Love your idea for using cove molding for stairs. Your jewelry is beautiful! I don't blame Tessie for wanting one. I do too! :D

Lataina said...

I really love the one with the bird!!! It's so beautiful!!! =)

Merri said...

Love the jewelry, Casey, and I think the stone might be tiger's eye? Not sure.

The stairs look great. Is the cove molding the only thing left to do on the IMH? It sure is a cool project. I have to order a trailer kit..they look like so much fun.

Drora's minimundo said...

I really like the coiled jewelry. The one with the bird is very beautiful.Also using cove molding for stair is a great idea and they have it here at ACE which is a blessing. Thanks.

Maru said...

¡Qué bien te están quedando! Tienen sabor a antiguo y nuevo a la vez :-)

Espero que pases por mi nuevo blog:

El antiguo lo cerraré en unos días.

Un beso

Judith said...

I love the jewellery - especially the one with the bird. Clever lady. Judith x

Caseymini said...

Merri, It's not tiger eye. No reflective qualities in the beige part.

I have a lot to do yet. Roof garden/pavillion, stairs and interior finishing.

This is going to be the intersting part...Curved stairs with cove...