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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lacking a Shower Head...

OK. Except for the signage, and the shower head, the tower is finished. Zar was working on the plumbing this morning when I got up.

There is now both hot and cold running water, but it can't run yet. No shower head. I need to work on that...

He used some soft floral wire from Dollar Tree for the pipes. They were sprayed with the same Kilz that the dryer pipes on the opposite side was.

He used various clock parts, some toothed washers and parts from model car kits to complete it. The pipes were attached with eyelets and more of the copper tape.

I made him stand out of the way so that you could get a better look by poking the photo.

Actually, he was making sure it worked. He stuck his head in and came out dripping. It worked.

Therefore, he had to see if the dryer part worked.

It did. About that time Tessie showed up.

As you can see, I finished scoring the tile and installed it. Then I found three dryer heads.

We installed them to Zar's height. Tessie is, of course, complaining that they don't hit her in the right spots. Too bad, Tessie!

The floor of the shower is more practical, plain white tile. It was put in to the right height by putting a ring around the wall from the inner section of the box top at just the right height, cutting a circle to fit and installing the tile on that.

I still have to do a shower curtain and steps up to the door. Other than that, we are finished. Back to the main trailer tomorrow.

See you then.


Minteriors said...

Oh, Casey, the shower tiles are stunning! Definitely gives it outstanding "character." Nice choice. Zar is one lucky guy.

Kathi said...

FANTASTIC! :D LOVE the interior too!
Thanks for your offer of the nadina. I've been wanting some forever! You are so sweet!

Claudia said...

You have such a wonderful imagination, Casey. I love this!


gena64 said...

OHH love it..but i dont remember if you put a drain in the shower.

MiniKat said...

Was also wondering about a drain.

Caseymini said...

Hang on gang! I have the drain. I just haven't gotten it in yet.LOL I'm getting there. Slowly, but surely.

Merri said...

Can't the dragon just drink the water at the bottom of the shower? Zar would just have to make sure there's no soap on the floor, after he gets out.

Darn it, I want a ShowerTower in real life, LOL.