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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sort of Sorting....

You don't want to know what I am doing today....The first photo will give you a clue...

I went in the workroom to look for the book of tiles and it took a while to figure out where I put it. This didn't make me a happy camper. Mookie was braver than I was. See him nonchalantly wandering in at the bottom of the photo? He is much smaller than I and fits in tighter places...

I found the book and copied this tile to go on the inside, bottom wall of the shower tower.It will wrap around nicely inside.

I sprayed it first with Patricia Nimock's spray sealer. Then I used a high gloss spray varnish on it after that. It won't show much, but I will know that it's there.

On the way back from April's this morning, I had to stop at the grocery store for potatoes. They were putting out a shelf of school supplies. It seems like all of the stores start earlier and earlier every year. I love school supplies and usually find a use for some of the more fun things.

This time it was a two sided "Pencil box". How could I resist another kit box? This one was perfect for a travel bead box. On the one side, there was an open center tray. I lined it with a piece of that micro-fleece blanket that I always use as beading mats.

Then I cut down 12 bead tubes to fit in the end sections. There was room for a lot of cabochons mounted on leather and ready for beading, some needles, thread, bee's wax, and a small pair of scissors. That is really all that a bead worker needs.

This box had the added bonus of a place in the other side for 11 full sized bead tubes and four small bags of beads besides. In other words, this turned out to be excess storage.

You may be asking what all of the commotion is about creating kits. Simple. We are planning to go up to Scottsdale for three days next month....I want to be ready. S0 does Tessie.

She has already taken out a couple of the cabochons and replaced them with others that she prefers.

Now she is off somewhere, trying to come up with other kits to take with us. Yes.... As usual, she is horning in on the trip and is planning what I will do whilst Walter goes golfing.

We are staying at the hotel that she likes because of what she calls the forest atmosphere... She is already calling dibs on the dashboard for a good view as we travel. Oh! The excitement of it all!

I am going back to sorting now. Maybe I will be able to find the rest of the stuff that I need to finish the trailer....Maybe.... I am going to try to keep the trip under wraps. I don't want Zar changing his mind, putting wheels on the trailer and asking us to pull it behind the car, so that he can go along...Not going to happen!!!

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. That would be a sight seeing Zar's trailer being pulled
behind your vehicle!
I'm always looking for ways to
organize, so I appreciate you
showing us your mini work boxes.
And closeups of your (organized)
workroom are appreciated too. I
probably have as much "necessary
supplies" as you do. I have been
collecting for many years.I love
my stuff. I just don't love when
it's messy! My goal is to have a place for everything and everything in it's place.

Audra said...

Take lots of pictures of Tessie on your trip!

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, my goal is the same as yours....It somehow never works out for me.LOL

Merri said...

Dang but you have some neat little cubbyboxes! I think I just want to really stand, and look around your workroom, and take notes!

Oh yes, and um..perhaps that dragon just might grow big enough to pull Zar's caravan (should he ever decide to tour with it. Talk about a useful critter!

Tessie's being awfully good. Boy, do I ever bet she's going to have a few humdinger projects for you, when you're done with Zar's caravan.

Caseymini said...

Audra, I always do....However I forgot to tag them as vacation...They are all under the Tessie tag. She has been on all trips that we have taken since she started appearing on the blog. Good luck trying to find them.VBG

Merri, I don't have any boxes from the craft departments. I usually find them in fishing tackle, office supplies and school supplies. They are much less expensive and a lot more interesting when you look outside the craft dept. At least that has been my experience.

Nina said...

Love Tessie's new apron. I guess she's been invading her closet again :-)

Steinworks said...

I hope Tessie enjoys her Road Trip :)