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Saturday, July 16, 2011

It Works for Frogs!!!

There's only one problem with the shower tower....It's wet. It attracts tree frogs.

I put in the drain this morning and one moved in as soon as the moisture was evident...

Zar is not enthusiastic about having a menagerie. Especially since there is already a deranged dragon living under the foundation of the immobile home.

After he tried his luck shooing the frog, Tessie pushed him aside and took over.

She grabbed the frog by his left hind leg and carefully carried him out, explaining to him all the way, "You can't live in the shower. Zar installed a drain and you will be washed away. You must live outside."

Now, why can't she be that nice to people that get in her way?

I got the curtain installed. I am still not sure about the privacy issue. Zar seems to be confident that nobody will intrude on his shower time...We shall see....

I re did Tessie's hair do last night too. I noticed that she was getting a bit disorderly in that department.

She took matters into her own hands. She sneaked into the shower tower and washed it before I styled it....Personally, I think that she left the water dripping and it attracted the frog...Or should I say frogs? I just saw two more hanging onto the back side of the tower.

We are going to have to have a talk about leaving the water running and utility bills....

I am going now to play frog wrangler.

See you tomorrow.


Aubrey Silver said...

Maybe Tessie knows that frog...

Does she have the power to turn people in frogs?
Friends, family, old lovers?

Daydreamer said...

Casey, your Shower Tower is amazing! And those have to be the tiniest frogs I've ever seen! This has been SO much fun to watch you make! You are a Creative GENIUS! Thanks for sharing all your sources and tips! I learn a lot watching.... but Nobody could ever keep up with you!

Merri said...

Hm..I bet wet frogs are more slippery than soap if you step on them in a shower. Zar's going to need a flashlight and a pokey stick to chase those varmints out.

Of course you could alert that dragon to keep an eye out for nosey frogs. He/she? might as well start earning keep for their apartment under the trailer.

Sandra from Sydney said...

Good job that Zar has Tessie to rescue him from the frog vbg! The shower tower is great - the curtain certainly looks good. Tessie must like it too if she has washed her hair in there already.
Sandra (Snippets from my studio)