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Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Base For Improvement....

I double crossed myself by adding the stairs and the shower tower... I went to cut the base for the immobile mobile home this morning and discovered that, with the additions, the base has to be 33" long and 15" deep. Oops! That is going to be way bigger than just the trailer alone needed.

Oh well. I guess I will just have to think of it as organic and growing....

I strapped the stairs to the living room end and stood the tower at the other end. It is going to look pretty good that way, but it is still going to take a lot more work.

Zar still wants the under stairs enclosed for a bathroom.It is going to be a bare bones sort of thing. Not at all like the shower tower. After all, it is just "necessary". It doesn't have to be beautiful.

The outside front is going to be very shallow. Room enough for foot traffic only. He only needs room to park his motorcycle.

I just noticed that I need to fill in some half timbers above the front door. Nothing is holding up the roof in that spot.

I don't think that the dragon liked the fact that there was going to be a solid board underneath...No way to dig tunnels and caverns, so he left. I did notice that a mouse or two have already moved in. Hmmm...I wonder if the dragon disappeared because mice are noted for liking dragons for lunch....They taste good with cheddar topping...It melts easily in their immediate vicinity. Anyway, he is gone, at least for now.

I am taking the rest of the day off. So are Tessie and Zar. They took up residence on the roof to try it out and Tessie just had the nerve to request, "Please bring us something cool to drink and a plate of chocolate chip cookies. We won't be needing you after that is done."

Well....At least she said "Please".

See you tomorrow.


Minteriors said...

I agree with you, Casey, the "look" is nice with the staircase on the opposite end of the trailer. It balances things, doesn't it? This project has been most entertaining, informative and fully delightful. Thanks for sharing.

Merri said...

The whole build is awesome, Casey. That's a great Mancave for Zar, until his bigger house gets done.Sorry that the dragon moved out. Cleaning up his poo would have been a monumental task anyway. Mice are ok neighbors, but if they stay around, I think I'd swear off raisin toast.

Kathi said...

It's going to be a long walk from the bathroom to the shower... Hope Zar has the sense to undress when he gets to the shower! :D
Love how the exterior turned out. That door is a real focal point. Great work!

Katie said...

Looking good Casey!

But I know you could cut a hole in the bottom floor and make a cave for that poor dragon:)

Loving your coiling, too.... Hoping you finish it so we can see what becomes of them:D