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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Dark Tower....

Remember all of the printing on the tower? It went away...With a little help from me and my friends....

I have been painting at it, off and on, all day. It is actually starting to look like stone now.

Here's the back. See the section that Tessie is staring at? I took a photo of that up close, so that you could see the extra build up I did on some of the stones.

The top stone has a piece of egg carton roughly torn to the shape of the center of the stone. It was glued down rough side up, and rubbed smooth around the edges The excess glue that leaked out was rubbed right back into the stone. That gives it a seamless finish.

Below that is a plain stone, only smoothed around the edges with the knitting needle.

Beneath that one is another one with a rough torn piece glued on.

And the last ones down are one plain on the left and a patched one on the right. This makes the stones more dimensional and not so all the same thickness.

You can see a bit better in the close up how the seams between the rocks look when you use the knitting needle on them with a layer of glue. Did I mention that I use my fingers on that part too? That's to smooth and shape the rocks.

That's as far as I got today. Considering that each rock is painted individually, It's not a bad day's work.

Tessie and Zar are ready to call it a day and so am I....I have to go get the paint off of my hands, clothes and out of my hair now.

See you tomorrow.


Merri said...

It looks awesome, Casey. Now, do we get to peek down that glass roof when Zar showers?

Caseymini said...

Merri, you probably won't see much if you try to peek. The glass is going to be like the stuff in the bedroom....Kind of cloudy.LOL

Margriet said...

Do you like Stephen King's books?? I do ;-)
The tower is looking great already and I like the way you added more domension to the stones...very clever!!!

Eliana said...

It's wonderful the painting of each individual stone. It's very realistic!