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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Cone of Silence....and a Gift From Greece!

I started doing the texture on the stone this morning, but not before putting a third layer of egg carton on the top edge row. I may do this to the bottom row also, if I can find more egg cartons. I do believe that I put some in a peculiar place and now I am going to have to straighten my workroom(once again) to find them.

Spike Junior is holding down the fort, so to speak. At least he is good company. Mookie is not happy with me, so not hanging around. We took him to the vet this morning to get a blood test. It is to see how his thyroid medication is working....Now he is not speaking to me....

Anyway, back to the textures. I took a knitting needle to the cracks between the stones to soften the edges.

I have found that, if I run a line of glue along the cracks, it softens the egg carton and when you press down the edges, it holds the area in place. The stones in the top three courses have been done. The ones below haven't. There is a big difference.

I also started working on the glass roof....I am not sure that the silicone that I am trying is going to hold. If it doesn't, I will try E-6000 or jewelery glue....We shall see.

At least it keeps Spike Jr. quiet... It took both Zar and Tessie to keep the thing over him. If this works, I am going to have to cut out the top of the roof. I wish that I had thought of it before I cut the hole for the door. The other end is open. Oh well....Hindsight and all that...

The other thing is, I received a gift in the mail from Jollie in Greece. She has the blog "A Little More Minis Please go visit and see her work. It is wonderful.

She was inspired by my purse tutorials to start making her own. She sent me one of the first ones that she made....Or I should say she sent it to Tessie! This is her own design and I think that she did a terrific job! Love the pleats!

She also enclosed a blue dolphin, several perfume bottles and a very fancy comb. Tessie grabbed the purse first and goodness knows that she can use the comb! Her hair has been sticking out every which way lately.

Thank you so much Jollie! Both Tessie and I are thrilled!

I need to go see if the cone of silence is going to stick...Maybe.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Great tips about the stones. I'm going to give this a try one of these days...
Hope you find a way to make the plastic stick. I've got plans for plexiglass in the future and really want to know what works.
Love Jollie's purse. She does make some nice little things. :D

Jollie said...

I am glad that you and Tessie like the little pleated bag and other goodies and that they have arrived at your place (that took a long time, I guess because of the strikes that are going on all the time here...) Well... have fun with them! ;-)

Love the way the tower is going to be, I also used egg carton for the outside wall of my black cat boutique, but just some 'spots'. Thanks for the tips! It willbe very usefull the next time I try it :-)

Good luck with Mookie's test results, give him a big hug from me :-)

Warm hugs,

otterine said...

I love that dog! :D Nice work on the tower.

Merri said...

If your first attempt doesn't work, E6000 should do the trick. That stuff works wonders. Love the tower, and the idea of the glass 'cone of silence'.

Love all your gifts too, how sweet! Jollie, she does beautiful work!