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Thursday, July 7, 2011

One Of Those Days....

It is only 94 degrees here this afternoon, but it is also very muggy. I feel like the whole house is misted...Even with the air conditioning on, it is sticky.

I had trouble getting in the mood to do anything mini, so I sat back and watched Zar and Tessie try out the glass roof for the shower tower....

I am not close to being satisfied with it yet, but I thought that you should see the rough draft.

Incidentally, the silicone sealer didn't work. I used E-6000 this morning. It worked, but just barely.
I finally put some golf tape over the seam and it seems to be holding so far.

Tessie liked it, but I still haven't painted the glass or cut out the top of the tower. I can't say that I am that impressed with it so far.

I left for a while and when I came back, I discovered that Zar had taken off the top of the box. I am going to cut the cone down slightly so that it sits down inside of the walls.

I don't like the cap that I found for the peak. I am thinking that it needs something a bit larger. I may have to do some work on a larger finding myself to get what I want.

My apologies for being such a bore today, but it is just to hot for a lot of enthusiasm.

I promise to be more ready to work tomorrow....Honest....If it's not 100 degrees and muggy.

See you then.


Merri said...

That's ok, the heat gets us all down, after a few days. The tower roof doesn't look half as bad as you think it does. You're too hard on yourself, Casey. It looks fine.

Now go take off your shoes and stick your feet in some cool water. It does help.

Kathi said...

I carry the enthusiasm! I love it!
How are you going to paint the glass? Can't wait to see! I think with your little flag it will be just right. :D

Maybe you could get Tessie to fan you to keep you comfortable while you work?

Audra said...

I am sorry you are not impressed, but I most certainly am! I check daily to see what creative ideas you come up with. Again - just amazing!

Claudia said...

I think it is looking pretty nifty, Casey! But you should take it easy in heat like that - the humidity is what makes it so hard to bear!


Minteriors said...

I like what I see, Casey, though I know precisely what you are going through. An artisan is far more tough on herself, or himself than those of us not as close to the creation. This tower has come together quickly and efficiently. I'm eager to see the finished work of art!

I understand desert living. Ugh. I thought it quite awful, and escaped to the cooler temperatures of Montana. It is 91 here today with the promise of rain. The maple trees are swaying and dancing in the wind, so moisture isn't far off.

Hope tomorrow isn't as unpleasant for you, and yours.

Till later.