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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Playing...Don't Nag...I'll work Tomorrow.

I am taking the day off to play on the computer. I finished the coloring on the roof yesterday. Zar and Tessie have their heads together, planning interior decor now.

If they can take the day off, so can I. At least some of you(needle workers in miniature) may benefit from it.

I started playing on the laptop and decided to do some rug designing. You will have to poke the photo to get a better look. It is an original design, so as usual, personal use only please. For fun, not profit.

The rug is 99 stitches by 151. If you do it on #22 hardanger you will get a rug about 4" by 7". If you use finer canvas, it will be smaller, if coarser canvas, it will be larger.

It is a simple rug with two colors of pink for the flowers, one color of green for the stems and leaves, some gold dots here and there, dark blue,and a cream background for the rest. Six colors in all.

I will probably do it on #24 congress cloth. That is my usual weapon of choice. This will not go in the trailer, so I probably won't start it for a while.

I just thought that you might want something to do whilst I was messing around today. I promise to go back to work tomorrow. Honest.

See you then.


Merri said...

This is a really lovely rug, Casey! Thank you for designing it!

Lucille said...

Such a beautiful rug, Casey. Thank you!

Deni said...

Thats beautiful!
Not for me to make Im afraid I cant even get my real life shawl finished I have 2 x 100gram balls to go! lol

Drora's minimundo said...

Thank you Casey. I love this rug.

Jeff Lafferty said...

This looks great!

Kathi said...

This is so pretty Casey. Grandma needs a rug for her sewing room. Your design would be perfect! I really would know where to start but I sure would like to try this.

Pepi said...

Pero que alfombra mas divina, gracias, el diseño es precioso.

miniacollection said...

I love the carpet.

Hotazuru said...

So lovely! And thank you for the beautiful rug.
Visit me somteimes!

Daphne said...

Lovely rug. I have just found your blog and am enjoying your posts immensely. Your characters and humor are so fun!

Miniatures by Natalia said...

What can I say, Casey, the design of your rug is beautiful! Natalia

Minka's Studio said...

I just got back from a 6-day trip (no computer) and wanted to see what I missed. I sure had to do a lot of scrolling to get to the "beginning" of your new creations! You have been busy! I'm going to go read now!