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Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Let Me OUT of Here!!!"

Today I started the windows and finished the one in the bedroom. I thought that you might be interested in the method. I can't claim it as my own. Lots of people do it this way. I have been doing it this way for about twenty years.

Walter keeps me supplied in golfer's lead tape. They use it to balance clubs. I am not exactly sure how it does that, but I do know that it works well for mini leaded windows.

It is sticky backed and easy to use. I cut this particular bunch with plain old scissors. I didn't want it too perfect and even. If you want it perfect, use an Exacto and a ruler on a flat surface. I whacked off a chunk that was easy to handle and went at it. I cut the strips about 1/32" with the back still on. Then when I went to put them on the plastic(glass) I put the glass on my quad rule pad for a guide. If I were doing a stained glass pattern, I would tape it over the pattern and put down the strips over the lines. The lead tape curves easily for that Kind of pattern.

I just did a simple diamond grid on this little window.

After I got the lead on, I painted one side, lead and all, with clear nail polish. Whatever you have will work. After the first side was dry, I flipped it over and painted the other side the same way.

It gives the glass a nice wavy hand made look and it also seals the lead. If you want stained glass, use Sharpie permanent pens on the inside and clear nail polish on the outside.

I didn't want this window to open. I installed it with cove molding. I fitted four pieces with the cove facing into the room and glued in place. After it was dry, I put the window in place from the outside and covered the edges with the cove facing out.

Zar liked it....Tessie did not! She went inside and saw what I had done to her escape route. Mad witch!!!

Why is it, whenever she gets mad, she panics and forgets that she can just zap herself out of any situation?

She was inside pounding on the window and yelling, "Let me OUT of here NOW!!!

Zar was snickering at her predicament and that just made matters worse. Finally she calmed down when he pointed to the back side of the trailer.....She looked over to the open side, grinned sheepishly and said...."Oh. Never mind...". Then she jumped out and disappeared in a puff of humiliated smoke.

We haven't seen her since. It is so nice and quiet. I might even get some work done.

I am either going to tackle the large front window or maybe the bed and bookcase headboard, now that I have that end of the trailer essentially finished.

See you tomorrow.


Daphne said...

Fab! Thanks for sharing this technique.

Lucille said...

Thank you for the window tutorial, Casey. The window looks so whimsical. I love that!

Merri said...

OMG how wonderful is this!! WOOT~

Michelle said...

I've seen the leaded light done by many too! ;o) However, just how do you get it so neat and straight looking? I have all the tools, but I don't think mine would ever look as perfect as yours!

I'm having leaded light for Hogwarts so I have a few windows to do and I plan on using the golfers tape. Fabulous post as always! :o)

Michelle x

Flor said...

¡Cuantas maravillas haces!!!!
Muchas felicidades por ese talento
( =

Eliana said...

Thanks for sharing the method used for the grid of the window. The result is perfect!
I believe the overreaction of Tessie's because they're stressed with the construction of the trailer. :)

Ana said...

Muy buen trabajo y resultado.Gracias por las explicaciones.Saludos

Kathi said...

Every day you show us a terrific tip! Thank you!
Poor Tessie. I wonder if she is hiding under the trailer?

A. Wright said...

Thank you! I'll put the roll next to my craft-only multi-tampax box.

Browny said...

I had never heard of golfers tape but I will pick some up now thank you for the tip.

Hotazuru said...

Thank you for the smart window making tutorial! I'm planning an old country styled roombox, and a window made with this technic will be fantastic!

Julie said...

Absolutely wonderful! I love it. New follower. :D

Drora's minimundo said...

Another good tutorial. Thank you for it.

Plushpussycat said...

Thank you for the lovely tutorial!

Minka's Studio said...

Cool window. Love, love, love it!

HoneyMelone said...

Thank you very much! It helps very much!