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Friday, June 24, 2011

I Break for Vampires....

OK...The third time had better be charmed... I have lost this post twice, trying to publish. I am not a happy camper....

I don't break for all vampires. Just Spike. Yesterday afternoon, the phone in our bedroom went haywire and the outlet is behind a six foot bookcase. By the time that Walter got home, I had most of the books out and when he arrived, he helped me with the rest. He also took Spike's Crypt down from the top.

I decided that it could use a good cleaning and refurbishing. The doors were off their hinges and the inside looked like a tornado had been through it. Literally.

The dust inside was as bad as outside.

I went to work with Clorox wipes, lemon oil and some stiff brushes.

It didn't take long to get it back in order.

Look at the difference in the color of the top of the bed in the first and second photos. Don't forget to poke them to make them bigger.

I doubt if Spike has been spending a lot of time in here, as messy as it was. I suspect that he has been using other people's houses. He doesn't sleep when they do, so it's not a problem.

I did notice that he has fresh from the oven cookies... I just went and checked. He didn't use my kitchen. He tends to leave the oven on and a mess everywhere when he cooks. Nobody seems to be able to catch him at it. I wonder who's kitchen is dirty this morning?

Anyway, the crypt is ready to go back up on top now. I think that it will be wise to wait for Walter to help. It is much easier with one person on the ground and one on the ladder.

About the Clockwork Trailer....I finished the shingles and did more painting on the roof. I still need to do a little more wash to darken the shingles on the rounded part of the roof. They don't look right with the flat roof part.

I did notice, or I should say, it was pointed out to me that moss is already starting to grow between the stones and under the edges of the shingles.

I had better get back at it and do some more on the inside, while I have a chance. I don't want moss growing under my feet...Or between my toes....

See you tomorrow.


Eliana said...

Tessie is risking a lot sbre the roof ... lol
I loved the vampire room.

Audra said...

Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I loved him!

Minka's Studio said...

Love the moss.

Merri said...

Mossman must have paid the trailer a visit last nite. Just keep your eye peeled for a six inch high Sasquachy looking kinda guy, only covered in greygreen moss.

Seriously, the trailer is looking awesome! You've inspired me to order a kit, only I promise not to do it up Steampunk: that's your area of expertise!

jose said...

fantastic works here in Spain we know where the house of the vampires is in that of the politicians

Sans! said...

So you use lemon oil? Casey, may I know what the oil is normally used for ? Is it like lemon pledge for cleaning wooden floor?

I am having a tough time cleaning the tribal house. It gets dirty and dusty very quickly. And the wooden staircase keeps getting mouldy. Everytime I have time, I will have to clean , repaint and varnish again and it gets mouldy again. I must try to find some anti mould oil for my wood.

Angela said...

Spike with a plate of cookies? I know he sweetened up a bit at the end of the series but cookies? Love it, I can't stop giggling.

Angela :o)

Caseymini said...

Sans, I really don't know if lemon oil is all the same. I use Old English brand. It is just oil used to revitalize furniture in real life. No cleaning additives.

With a stiff bristle brush, like you would use for artist oil painting, I first give the room a good dusting. It's more like you are sweeping out all of the dust. Then I go back and lightly oil the wood furniture and floors.

For fabrics, I use a lightly damtened cloth without any cleaning solution. If I need something stronger, I use Clorox wipes. Do be careful with those. They are a bit strong.

Caseymini said...

Angelia, Spike is still bad! He leaves a mess in the kitchens that he uses. That's way worse than biting people!LOL

Sans! said...

Thanks Casey! You have been really helpful !