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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Squirreling Away.....

This is what I get to watch when I look out of the computer room window. Sorry that the photo isn't great, but I had to show you why I get distracted a lot when typing. The only way I can get a photo is by pointing the camera down from the top half of the window.

This little guy,with no manners, is one of a family of Rock Squirrels that live behind our fence by the wash. They have been here probably longer than we have. We have probably seen more than 5 generations come and go.

They are still completely wild, but they know where to come to find food. They are probably the most well fed squirrels in town. Every day we put out unsalted peanuts, lettuce and carrots for them.

I feel that, since we basically moved in on their territory when the house was built, we owe them. Thus, lunch every day. It is very hard to concentrate on the computer when they are chasing each other around the yard and playing squirrel tag, but fun to watch.It is such a nice day that I would rather watch squirrels than do minis.

Consequently, I am not getting anything done. I did manage to finish the rugs for the quarter inch Tudor. Remember when I said that you could use hairspray in a pinch? That's what I did, because I ran out of Patricia Nimmock's matte.

I won't do that again if I can help it. There are a couple of spots on three of the rugs that faded because the spray was irregular. Notice the blue and red one on the bottom left.

You have to have a very regular and fine mist if you use the hairspray method. Every time I do, it seems that one or two of the rugs winds up with a spot or two. Oh well....There will be a chair strategically placed on that end.

Another thing that I forgot to mention is, check your muslin sheet before you put it in the printer for little thread ends that might stick to the fabric. When you finish, you will have little white spots where they went through the printer and caught the ink.

Lastly, I did paint some beads. I have decided that the house needs a wine cellar. I had some really pretty beads. They are now ugly brown. Soon they will turn into casks for the cellar......Oh! The sacrifices that we make for the miniature world...

See you tomorrow.


Rosamargarita said...

Que adorable criatura, tienes mucha suerte de tenerla en tu jardin.
Un abrazo

Kathi said...

Are you SURE you don't live in Texas? That is one HUGE squirrel you've got there! Looks like he is enjoying his lunch. :D

Merri said...

So the rugs are faded...that's'll give the house a lived-in look! Better to not have everything brand-spanking new wouldn't be beliveable! You're doing great!

Cute squirrel, btw. All our squirrels are coal black..our town is well known for them.

Lucille said...

You have such a cute yard, Casey. It's not big but not too small either. Just the right size! Your rugs are exquisite. Don't worry about the little spots. I find it makes them look more like antiques. After all, antiques always have flaws. Right? Right! LOL! Now for those beads that you're turning into wine casks, this is another act of genius by our one and only Casey. The little squirrels are so cute and they are very fortunate that they inherited you as a landlord. They are probably the best fed squirrels for miles around.

Minka's Studio said...

On the other hand, if you want your rugs ot have that weathered look, hairspray might be a good idea. Actually, I cannot see the spots on the rugs.

Drora's minimundo said...

How nice to have these sweet creatures in your yard. Worth feeding them just to be able to watch them.