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Saturday, April 16, 2011

This, That and the Other Thing.

Yesterday, while I was at Michael's, I found these! They were in the floral department and were only $1.49 for a package of four. They are terracotta. Tessie took one look at them and said...."Mine!" Then she started making plans for what could be planted in them...

She took a second look and said, "Spiderwort. I want spiderwort." Then the trouble began...."Hey! What happened to Spiderwort Manor? It's still under the bed, isn't it?"

She is now harassing me about building that. Forget about the Clockwork Cottage, the Townhouse and all of the other unfinished projects.

I just looked at her and said, "Tessie, just stand there and hold your breath until I start...."

She held it about 6 seconds. She fixed a puzzled frown on her face. Then she hissed through her teeth, "You can't trick me! I am not going to hold my breath. If I do, I would pass out before you started it! No fair!"

For the rest of the afternoon she was not fit to live with.

Today she is somewhat mollified. I went to a few garage sales this morning....You guessed it. I bought her a house for two dollars.

It is basically a six story+attic dump, but it was immediately claimed by her. It was a kid's, well loved bookcase. On one side, there are growth marks for several kids. You know, the kind that we all loved as children. The pencil came out about once every six months and we marked our progress to tallness.

The woman that I bought it from said that I made "the princess" very happy. Evidently the daughter was getting the money from her own stuff. She was obviously past the "getting taller" stage.

Did I mention that Zar is back? I was a bit worried about him. He went into a blue funk after the last time that Tessie shot him down about working on his house. I guess that he is resigned to waiting in line. He has been pouting in Tessie's townhouse workroom for quite some time.

I suspect that he was brewing something other than spell juice in the still...He planted himself in the easy chair beside it. He seems very mellow and content to wait now.....

The only other thing I purchased this AM was a really nice sectional basket to carry tools. I think this was what drew Zar out of hiding. He heard the word tools.

Tessie needed his help getting her new sled out of one of the compartments. Just what she needs in Arizona! Hey! It was free with the basket!

I heard her chattering excitedly as she pushed it up over the edge, for Zar to catch. "Just think! The next time it snows here, we can take turns sledding down Casey's real roof! It will work just like the mini roofs, but a longer ride! Me first! Me first!!"

I noticed that Zar was not fighting for a turn. I believe that he knows what's coming. I had better have a good "Tessie repair kit" on hand if it actually snows again. Thank goodness, it doesn't happen often.

The last I saw of Tessie, she was headed for the basket shop, with sled in hand. That building has the steepest roof.....I have to go now and look for bandages and splints..... I do believe that the sled is going to disappear in a few days.....

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

It's a lovely bookcase, Casey. I wonder what you have in mind for it. So many possibilities there. It's nice to see Zack is back in the fold. Such a cute little guy!

Mary said...

I looked at those same little pots at Micheals today. I didn't buy any, I already had too much in my basket. LOL. I look forward to seeing what you plant in them.

Minka's Studio said...

I bought some of those at Michaels a few months ago and put some very small violet plants in there (that I was propagating from leaf cuttings). The only challenge is keeping them watered. Those small pots dry out quickly. Maybe I should be thinking about artificial plants. LOL

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said...

Oh fill them with flowers!!!!!! I would love to see tulips or hydrangea or roses etc.... Flowers!!!
I love your blog!!! I've learned so much! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us!