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Monday, April 18, 2011

Housework and Minis Don't Play Well Together....

I am triple tasking this morning....I have laundry going. I am cleaning up from the weekend. The minis are coming in dead last.

I started messing with the wine cellar. So far, I am not impressed. I like the door OK. I made it out of a slab of 1/32" walnut. I don't think that I am crazy about the stone work. I did that with some embossed stone paper from the model train store. It doesn't have enough depth.

I put a few of the barrels in and they aren't bad for size, but I need to do some touch up on the painting.

Once I put the embossed paper stone trim on, I am not crazy about the fabric stone anymore. It is too flat and one dimensional.

In other words....One step forward. Two steps back....Bah humbug.

Tessie tried to help by suggesting wallpaper. Since I am going with Victorian, wallpaper would be in order.

The only problem being, this is the closest thing that I have to something that would go with either of the beds. I don't like it.

I don't think that this is a good day for working on the Tudor. Maybe I would be better off skipping today and going back to laundry and such....Tomorrow is another day....

See you then, with an attitude adjustment in place.

****Post Script.....I just tore out the floor of the wine cellar....I feel much better now. I apologise for being such a grouch.

Sometimes it just takes a piece of cardboard, a ball stylus, a black Pigma Micron and a few colored pencils to put me in a better mood.....More to come....

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good first try! You have to work it out in steps. Cannot wait to see what the wallpaper looks like!

~Digital Dollhouse

Lucille said...

Casey, the barrels are so cute! Anyways, things have a way of working out. As you said, tomorrow is another day.

Merri said...

Sounds like you had one of my days..LOL! Actually I think the floor would look great if it were darker, but that's just me. Maybe it's just time for you to take a break, get all your other work done, then concentrate on the microminis? You're the only person I know who can burn the candle at both ends AND the middle. Relax! You're not doing a race, heehee!

Mona said...

The door look great!!!