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Thursday, April 7, 2011

It Frazzled My Brain!!!

This morning I started experimenting with half timbers. I went into my stash and found some walnut strips that are exactly the right size for the uprights. For the cross pieces I am using half scale baseboard that is a bit fancier.

I almost forgot, I started doing floors with the calendar last night. They are turning out pretty good, but I only have enough for part of the floors. Some of the other ones are going to have to be tile or something else. I can do brick floors on the bottom rooms.

I decided that the bottom floor and the foundation was going to be brick or stone.....I opted for brick since I had a bag of terracotta DAS. This particular sack has to be almost 20 years old...Unopened. I bought it to try and never got around to it. It still works.

Here is a photo of the left side of the building. The DAS is drying. After it does, I will put some washes on it. * I am going to have to do something to the side of the roof line. I want to cover up the layered look of the old roof That part will be easy enough. It's the end that has to be disguised.

Hold on. I just heard a teeny tiny voice...."Wait! I want to be in the picture! You need me to show scale."

It was Tessie. Or should I say "Miss Mini Me Tessie"?

She showed scale by diminishing herself to 1 1/4" tall. I could barely hear her voice. Hey! That's a good thing!

I humored her and took the photo and about, no exactly, 3 seconds later she exploded to her normal size.

She sat down on the table gasping for breath. I asked her what was wrong and she answered, "Tiny lungs! Big mistake! Can't breath!!!" Then she gasped a couple more times and put her head between her knees.

"Remind me not to use that spell again! It was ghastly! Thank goodness I didn't faint. I probably would have had to stay like that for days!

I am happy to report that she is back to her "normal" self and none the worse for wear.

She has been keeping a close eye on what I am typing from the top of the computer to make sure that I get it right.

She made me promise to hide the bottle that the potion was in, to be sure that she didn't accidentally use it again....I don't think that she stopped to think just whom she was having hold it....

Hmmmm. There is the possibility of putting her in an Altoids box and having peace and quiet any time I want it.

Rats! She just grabbed it and poured it down the drain. So much for peace and quiet. When will I learn that she is adept at reading the screen upside down? Oh well.....

See you tomorrow.


Kim said...


I can't believe the teeny tiny little Tessie- Casey--you are amazing!

The brick and the beams look pretty awesome too- sorry, I was just so sidetracked by the tiny Tessie!

Lataina said...

Casey how do you come up with these things! You are too much!!! A teeny Tessie......LOVE it!!! The house is looking fantastic. =)

Katie said...

Too funny! Poor Tessie! Wil se ever learn?!

Loving the house... Have you thought about using polymer tiles for any of the floors?

Phyllisa said...

Miss Mini Me Tessie? WOW! Amazing!
We need to see a closeup. What does 1/12th size Tessie think?

I couldn't see where you were headed with the Tudor "house" when I first saw it. Now I really like it.

I have several scenes in that scale(in Valentine boxes)that I put together years ago. The furniture is painted blue and pink and I added painted trailing vines on the bedroom furniture and bathroom fixtures. I also made a sofa, dressed table and bed.I made lamps and towels.It has carpeting and wallpaper.I purchased a porcelain boy and girl at a Seattle mini show just the right size.They have hung on my wall so long, I almost forgot about them.I think I made them sometime in the 80's.Thanks for reminding me of them.

A Vintage Green said...

Tessie isn't going to let you get away with anything. Tiny lungs. The best. I saved your blog to read tonight when I could just relax and enjoy your creating.

- Joy

Mona said...

The floor and walls look great. And mini mini Tessie - funny :)

Elga said...

This is going to turn out great, I love it!!!!!!

Kathi said...

What have you done!? TWO Tessie's?!! NOW you are really in trouble!
LOVE the house, but tiny Tessie is the best thing ever!!!!

Sans! said...

I am really enjoying watching the progress of this house but mini me Tessie takes the cake!

Caseymini said...

I didn't do it! Tessie did it. There is still only one Tessie! Thank goodness. I am glad that she didn't like being that small. At least I won't accidentally step on her if she stays her normal size!

Lucille said...

I'm loving tiny Tessie! Too cute!