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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm Late Again....

Sorry that I am late. I had the Wednesday Witches here today. I didn't get a lot done, other than eating and talking.

My miniature work consisted of laying slats in one of the rooms in the 1/4" Tudor to see how they would look as a floor in one of the shops. Not too bad for a cut up mini Japanese calendar.

I found a place to hang the house, for the time being. It is right next to the bed. I can look at it and think of things that need to be done. The more that I see it there, the more I like it there.

Since I don't have much to show for today's work, I thought that I would throw in a few photos of an 8" by 10", 1/4" house that I did a few years ago, just for fun.

I needed a place to put a walnut table that I carved....Yup. In quarter inch scale. It's down in the lower left corner of the first photo...Also the two pieces of wicker in the room are done in the same way that the larger chairs are made. This time with # 32 gage wire and sewing thread.

The rug is printed on muslin on the computer, as are all the rugs in this house.
The dollhouse for a dollhouse on the chest in the living room is a charm from a mid century charm bracelet. The chest itself is a 1" scale jewelry box that I made from molding. All of the upholstered furniture are pieces that I designed and made. The desk and chair are the plastic furniture that comes on cards, by the room. I just repainted them.

The bedroom is mostly my stuff with the exception of the dresser and the two end tables. Those are also repainted plastic. The wicker chair is made from needlepoint canvas. It's the same idea as the 1" canvas wicker that I showed you a while ago.

I will try to get some patterns up for some of this furniture as I go along. I won't be putting it in the Tudor, but you might want to get your feet wet in quarter inch with some of it.

Don't ask me where Tessie is. I think that she is somewhere trying for a potion or spell that will make her small enough to get into the Tudor house. WHO gave her that idea anyway???

I have to go clean up after the witches now.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Are those SANDWICHES I see on your table?!!!! Amazing! I love the little wicker chair! I want to learn how to make that. Please?????

Lucille said...

Amazing, Casey! I just love the little bed. It's absolutely charming. And, of course, the little chairs are so perfect. The plastic furniture you refer to that came on a card, were they brown? Because if they were, then I have some of those.

A Vintage Green said...

You make me happy with your blog. I am smiling.
- Joy

Merri said...

Love that wicker chair, and the wall house is starting to shape up nicely, Casey :) If Tessie decides to shrink down smaller, everyone is going to have to really start watching where they put their don't want a squashed witch!

Siru said...

Nice house you made, I like it! :)

Drora's minimundo said...

I love everything in the quarter inch house. You did an amazing wonderful work.

Caseymini said...

Kathi, which wicker chair? If you are talking about the woven one, I can't teach that one on line. You can't even see the thread! If you are talking about the white one in the bedroom, I will put up the pattern and you can make that one easily. Hang in there. I will do it soon.

Kim said...

I can't believe that you can make such beautiful things so darn tiny! One of these days I am going to have to try out this scale--probably when I start running out of room for big projects :)