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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good to the Last Drop....

And the last drop's good too, if you can get it out of the bottle.

I don't know how many of you use gesso, but if you do, you probably know just what I am talking about. Once you have left the bottle open a few times, it starts to thicken. Not to the point of being unusable. Just to the point of not coming out of the bottle. Here's my solution. Since the bottles are plastic, they are easily cut. I do just that. I cut the top off.

There was enough left in this bottle, stuck to the sides, that I finished priming the whole Tudor cottage and had plenty left.

I will now put it in a plastic bag and seal it. I just hope that I think of something that needs priming before the last of it dries out completely. There was no other way to get at all the good stuff left in the bottle. I don't understand why they don't put it in a wide mouthed bottle

Anyway, this morning I cut all of the balsa for the step outs of the upper floors. I glued them in place and then gesso-ed all of the interior and exterior walls except the entryway.

I finally got the chimney off of the main house. I haven't succeeded with the one on the tower. I really would like smaller chimneys. I may have to take a saw to it to get that one off. Very strong glue. I am planning to cover the main roof with a flat piece so that it will look better when I go to shingle it. Besides, I did take a little of the roof off with the base of that chimney.

Meanwhile, Tessie has returned, with Spike for back up. I overheard her telling him that I was kindly making him a 15 room doggy domicile with a grand entrance.... Dream on Tessie. Spike is not going to live here.

Several people suggested that it would be a good idea to have a 1/4" version of Tessie. Don't you think that one is more than enough? Doggy Mansion????

As for me, I have to go back into the black hole. No the workroom isn't finished.

Before I go, has anybody else been having trouble with the "Edit Html" on blogspot? For the past few days, I write the blog and when I go to check what it is going to look like, it either takes out all of my spacing or leaves rediculously long spaces between paragraphs. Sometimes half of it is crowded together and the other half is weird spacing. I am not doing anything different. I am wondering what has changed. Anybody know what's happening? I just went back and tried again....Maybe it will work this time. I hate doing it one paragraph at a time with the Html thingy.

See you tomorrow.


A Vintage Green said...

I hope someone answers your question about spacing on Blogger. Good beginning on the 'reno'
- Joy

Steinworks said...

yes, that happened to me too, I just roll with it


PS that little tudor is going to be very cute!

Caseymini said...

I just OKed a comment from Merri and for some reason, blogger put it in my list of comments, but didn't put it on here. Merri, if you want to try again, I will be happy to put it on here. I just didn't want you to think that I rejected it. Stranger and stranger.

Chelle said...

Blogger is doing my head in at the moment, all sorts of weird stuff going on :-((

Caseymini said...

Joy, Chelle and Marisa, I am glad that I am not the only one. I thought it was something that I did wrong.

Kathi said...

My jar of Gesso is fairly new but I'll keep your tip in mind. I may use it when I get around to working on my "modern" house?
Blogger has been giving me grief too. I can change the spacing while using COMPOSE. I have to go back into HTML and remove the little p's that end up all over the place!
Hope it gets itself fixed soon!

Lucille said...

Looking forward to the process, Casey! I just have to say that Tessie looks huge compared to the rest of the building. LOL!

Katie said...

Casey! I know exactly what your talking about.... I'm having the spacing problems, too. I load my pictures up first, then go back and type in.. and normally just hit post. Not I have to go in to the format section, and phyiscally type in < div > between each sentence. Maybe we should report this to the blog fairies! It's very annoying!

lol... Casey? When was the last time you bought Gesso? I bet you've had that for awhile, huh? I've had mine too, but it does have one of those bigger mouths... And I still think I might cut it down to get that last bit out- Although I must admit, I haven't used gesso in awhile, just been using paint.

And I thought about a smaller Tessie, too. But I didn't think she'd like that idea, lol. The 'castle' is looking good- Such an interesting project!

Sorry to type so much, lol!

Michelle said...

I've not seen Gesso to buy the UK, but it looks like great stuff! When I'm reaching the end of a product,I always cut off the tops to plastic tubes/bottles, but I overlap the top (by squeezing the bottom half) so I can reseal it for later use.

Blogger..GRRR! I've been having spacing problems for ages, I alter the HTML code and it still does at it pleases and some posts look a mess!

Michelle xx

Jollie said...

The tudor cottage is looking good Casey!!
Two Tessie's?? I wouldn't think twice but at least four times about that ;) lol!

Hugs Jollie