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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Down Sizing....

Rather than bore you with photos of shingles being glued, one by one, I decided to bore you by showing you how the 1/4" furniture starts. All of the sketches are done on 1/4" graph paper. Don't forget to poke the photos!

Yes, Tessie gets in on the designing once in a while, when I will let her have a pencil. She gets distracted and doodles a lot. Note the design to her right. She would rather do charm symbols than furniture. There are three on this page alone.

I have a notebook full of design ideas for quarter inch houses and furniture....You never know when the urge to build will hit.

The page that Tessie is playing with has, among other things, a hammock that I did for the cigar box mansion years ago. There are bent wire chairs and table. I did those for the same house. Made from ladies' hairpins.

If you look closely, you will even see a design for a bonnet...That one is yet to be built.

Here's a page that I was playing with later. It has several pieces that I used the plastic furniture stencil to get the exact size that I needed. The chase lounge pattern in the top row was done with that.

I must have had an idea for a curved sectional sofa....See top right hand corner.

The third page has some toys, people(for size), a staircase, golf bag, and a pattern for a couch and wing chair.

This is the way I get all of the garbage out of my brain and onto paper. Even if I don't execute the designs, I have them for when I need them. There is even a rough sketch of a spinning wheel at the lower left.

This page is just more random sketching. I am not sure why I drew a modern kitchen. It's there if I need it.

Are you getting the idea now?

Last is a partial page that has a bed. Does it look familiar? The draperies and the crown on the bed are the ones that I used on the second French daybed. I might just have to make a regular bed like this one.

I have pretty much decided that the Half Timber Wall House will be an updated house in the Victorian age. That gives me permission to use a lot more different styles of furniture than the Tudor style would give.

Now. About those tiny, little, stinking shingles.....Back to work. "Come on Tessie. Put the pencil down. Enough doodling. I need help!"

See you tomorrow.


A Vintage Green said...

You two are always so busy. The shingles are sooo tiny. Slow job. Love your sketch pages.
- Joy

Lucille said...

You couldn't bore us if you tried, Casey. All those designs are so cute. I cannot draw for the life of me. But I do, anyways. I agree that it's a good way to get the creative process going and the brain emptied so that it can be filled up again. This little house is such a fun project! I'm loving everything you're doing.

Mona said...

Thank you for sharing.

Deni said...

Very interesting designs Casey your are very clever!

Natalie Wilson said...

Its good to know I am not the only one with notebooks full of ideas. I am just like you need to empty my brain of stuff every now and again. I'll get round to making them all sooner or later ;o)