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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Was in So Much Trouble.....

I worked on the roof of the house yesterday, until my eyes were crossed from trying to line up tiny shingles. I think that I told you that I am hanging the house by the bed temporarily.

Unfortunately, I hung it much too close to the vignette above...Tessie was not at all pleased with either the location or the fact that I had almost finished shingling the second side....Well not almost, but over half way there.

I heard screeching coming from the bedroom after I hung the house up, after quiting for the day. I rushed in and this is what I saw.

Tessie got stuck! You don't want to hear the words that were coming out of her mouth. Not pretty, to say the least. The whole tirade finished with, "Get me out of here! NOW!" That's all I dare repeat. It seams that she was trying for a belly flop down the side with less shingles. It didn't work. She couldn't budge, one way or the other and when she panics, she forgets zapping.

After her performance, I am definitely thinking of leaving the house right where it is. It's kind of like "Tessie-proofing" it. If she knows she can easily get wedged in there, she will not attempt sliding.

Besides, I kind of like it at eye level, where I can see it any time I am sitting on the bed. Most of the other minis in the bedroom are too far away or to high up to see easily.

Tessie was so spooked by the experience that she just sat there on the lower roof for about 10 minutes. I don't think that she will mess with that part of the roof, once I have it shingled. Too slippery and not a long enough ride to bother with.

A couple of other changes to the house. I sawed off the out of scale chimney that I couldn't hammer off of the tower section and I moved the arches forward to the front edge of the rooms on the second level of the house. I can't decide if I want to stain them to match the rest of the woodwork or paint them white. There's plenty of time to decide.

Anyway, this morning Tessie was still not speaking to me. My fault for hanging the house in the wrong place. I went to town to get a few things and my car automatically stopped at Lowe's. I went to try to replace a few more of the back yard plants. *

Tessie is now talking to me again. I bought her a peace offering. This is a Ming Aralia. I was fascinated by the trunk. It looks like some of the branches grew under the skin for a while and then decided to emerge. I think that the people that grow them somehow train them....When they are ready they cut everything off and let new sprouts come out from the cut areas. Very strange plants.

Tessie fell in love with it and climbed into the branches.There she sits.....Every once in a while she shouts a command at me...."Bring me a cookie!" or "I want a drink of water!"

Hey! I will gladly do that in exchange for peace and quiet for the rest of the day. She shows no signs of leaving any time soon.

Ahhhh...Blessed silence....

See you tomorrow.


Mona said...

Looking forward to seeing more. Exciting to see this house changes.

Claudia said...

That Tessie - she sure is a handful. Do you think she'll learn her lesson?


dale's dreams said...

Tessie is too funny, as usual. ;)

That plant looks quite interesting, almost asian.

Lucille said...

With Tessie, there's never a boring moment! That's a cute plant. Looks like a little tree.

Kathi said...

Tessie's antics crack me up. Next she will want you to put a swing in "her" new tree...

Caseymini said...

Claudia, the answer is "No.".
Kathi, she already has a fancy macrame swing in the tree dome. I don't have to worry about that at least.

Elga said...

Casey, I guess secretly you don't want Tessie to turn into an angel, just think how boring life will become!!!!!! Love how the Tudor house is coming together.