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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bottom to Top....

Here is the before and after of the stone floor for the bottom story. The one on the left is the original material. I took five different Prismacolor pencils to the individual stones at random. Then after I finished that, I went over the whole thing with gray to tone everything down.

Just so you will know, you can do this with any floor to change the look. I have done it with paper flooring and even with wood a time or two.

Here are the floors installed. I still need to put base boards and other details in the rooms and it will look better after I finish the front of the walls.

Now for the top part....Yesterday, late in the afternoon, I decided to start cutting some shingles for the roof....This is going to take a lot of time and tearing of hair.

The part that you see here took me about an hour. I am cutting the shingles with scissors from ultra thin wood strips. I don't remember what these strips were. They are much thinner that the calendar strips that I sometimes use and only about 3/16" wide. I cut them a little more than a quarter inch long. There are about 12 shingles to the row and so far I have 12 rows done....144 shingles in about 2" square.

Not even a quarter of one side of the roof....And don't forget the rest.

There is still the main roof to go after this part.

Tessie is doing what she can to help, but maybe it would go faster if she went and watched TV or read a book.

She keeps doing her world famous move of zapping herself to the roof peak and sliding down. Great fun, but not a lot of help. I know what I am going to be doing for the rest of the morning....Somebody please tell me that I am not completely crazy....Please?

See you tomorrow.


Kim said...

ummmmm......errrr....hmmm....yes, you are not completely crazy. seriously. I mean it.

I love the floors- they look great! I don't know if I would have the patience for the roof though! Especially with Tessie sliding down it all of the time!

Rietje said...

Of course you're crazy! Like we all are! But the house looks wonderfull.
I love the flooring. Hugs Rietje

Kathi said...

Let's see... each shingle is about 3/8 inch wide by about 1/4 inch long. You are definitely CRAZY.
I'm sure it's all going to look fantastic when you are finished! :D

Kittenz said...

Casey, this is coming together really nice and quick too. I can't wait for the finished project. You're amazing!


Claudia said...

You're not crazy. Just creative. Tessie, stop sliding down the roof!


Katie said...

The shingles are so small! But it is going to look awesome when your done! Love the floor- would of never thought to color it in! Smart!

Daydreamer said...

Really Crazy! In the BEST way, of course! That's how come you get such FANTASTIC results! Don't stop!

Deni said...

ooo I only shingled my largge doll house that was quite enough for me !!!
Such a slow pace Soon be done though if Tessie gets into the swing of things