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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

She's Driving Me Crazy!

Last night I decided to do some work on the blog site. Where was I when they changed the whole system? I almost lost the background. It was replaced with something baby blue and pink! ICK! Not Tessie colors. I did finally get mine back, but now the header photo is off to one side and so far, it is refusing to move.

It' s not easy working on a blog layout when you have not a clue about the new way of doing things. It's doubly bad when Tessie is trying to help.

She hung over the top of the screen shouting orders. "No! Don't put that there!" and "Put a photo of me on that side!"

I did manage to get a few things back where they belonged. And I finally figured out how to get the logo for the Reader's Choice Awards to work as a link.

I was about to take the other link down when Tessie marched in with her sign. If you look to the left, you can see her fuzzy logic at work.....She wouldn't let me take down the old link that says " Miniatures". Why? She thinks that everybody will get to vote twice.....Not so. One vote per person, per day. That's the rule.

Anyway, now you can go either way, up or down to get to the polls. Please do exercise your right to vote. There is still another week to go. Tessie and I really appreciate all of your support. You rock!

I am now going to go and try to finish going through the list of entries for the drawing. Then I am going out and cut down more frozen foliage in the back yard.

Just after I took this last photo, Tessie bounced down to the keyboard and started tap dancing. I asked her what in the world she was doing....Her reply?

"I am like those monkeys that type until they write a Shakespeare play..... Then huffing and puffing, she finished with, "If I jump up and down on the keys long enough maybe I will type in another vote for me!"

I give up. As usual, arguing or trying to explain things to her has no effect what so ever.

Thank you for your votes. Past, present and hopefully, future.

See you later.

I'm back, but not for long....Tessie and I spent a lot of the day on the patio....76 degrees. I finished potting the replacements for most of the plants on the patio, that died.

Tessie is faking you out. That looks like a cactus, but it is a euphorbia, masquerading as a cactus. Not really any thorns.

Anyway, no minis were accomplished today. Thanks for all of the new votes today!

See you tomorrow.


Laura said...


I love this blog and I know you do too, so VOTE!!! Follow the link from the Tessie picture or the link and vote once a day until March 8th!!!

Kathi said...

I had a similar problem with my blog header. Now I have NO photo there. Somehow it got into my slide show instead? Not sure what Blogger is doing, but I'm not liking it.
Looks like the votes are coming in. It looks a little closer but Tessie is STILL in the lead! :D

Lucille said...

Come on, good people! Vote for little Tessie. You don't want to see her in tears, do you? See how sweet she looks holding her voting sign.

De said...

I had so much trouble with the new blogger stuff that I finally went back to the original format. I had to go searching to find it but now everything looks the way I want it to. I can't even get all of the design stuff to load to be able to use it. That's primarily why I changed back.

Go Tessie!

Kathyb said...

I am echoing what Laura said......We want Tessie to win, so everybody get out there and vote! It is so easy and you need to do it every day! Vote for Tessie and Casey!

cockerina said...

the new look of your blog I really like, now!
I sent you an email with instructions how to put the translator!
kiss you and kiss Tessie!

Peikko said...

Your blog make over turned out to be just fine! Blogger can be a pain in the behind sometimes but they usually sort things out eventually. If you need some help just mail me (you can find my e-mail by clicking my profile). I've dug a bit deeper inside my blog recently so I'm quite used to its tricks by now.
Tell Tessie I voted for her!

Caseymini said...

Hey! You all rock! The votes definitely went up yesterday! Thanks bunches!

Love, Tessie.

Caseymini said...

Caterina, I am going to have to wait to work on the translator thing. I still can't get a translator to work from my blog to other ones. Until I figure that out, it is going to have to wait. Sorry. You can go to your tool bar and hit page, then Translate with google. Maybe that will work....It doesn't for me. I have to go down to All Accelerators, then to Translate with Bing. That is the only one that works for me at present. I hope we can both get things sorted out.

Christine said...

Just did my daily vote and it is getting a bit close!
If you haven't got to it, please vote now!

It looks like your blog has gone back to it's usual look, Casey.

Merri said...

I'm still voting! Your blog will always be the best, in my book, Casey. Voting will all be over soon, and then things can get BACK TO NORMAL! Spring is coming, what have you planned for Spring?

cockerina said...

OK, thanks anyway... :)

Caseymini said...

Merri do you really think that anything can be normal with Tessie around?LOL

I will probably just keep doing what I do all of the time. Spring will be no different. Twenty minutes of this and then skip onto twenty minutes of that....Or the other thing...