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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday With Witches...

Sorry this is late. The mini witches met here at 1:00 PM. We ate too much. Talked and laughed a lot. A good time was had by all.

I worked on a chair that is going to someone that left a comment on the twenty third. That's assuming that someone is going to want a chair with natural beige weaving. I thought that I would start a few and get ahead of the game. If nobody wants a natural chair, Tessie will take it. I'm sure of that.

Tomorrow is the day that you will find out who wins. I wish that you all could....I don't think that I am up for doing a hundred wicker pieces all at once. There will be more drawings coming around. If you don't win this time, you could be a winner next time....Hang in there.

Tessie pulled out all of the thicker covered wire that I use for the frames of the chairs. I cut the pieces all one length so that they will be ready when I get in the mood to weave.

The wire that you see behind her is for the body of the wicker and I don't cut that until I decide what I am making. Each piece of wicker calls for something different.

Once again, Tessie wants you to think that she is doing all of the work.... She set herself the task of drilling the holes for the wires....On the desk....Without a buffer underneath. Thank goodness, she couldn't reach the switch on the Dremel or I would have had a desk that leaked like a sieve!

She has good intentions...They are just the wrong ones.

I got the bottom of the chair woven a couple of days ago. I started working on the top this afternoon, between the eating and talking.

Just a few more rows and I can start the fancy part.

Here we see Tessie setting up a scene in Eskiaga's place. She wants everyone to think that she did all of this weaving...Sure she did....

After I took the photo, she sat down in the chair and wiped her brow. Pretending to work can be harder than actually working sometimes.

I am going to have to take the chair away from her and get to weaving again if I want to get these done any time soon.

As soon as Tessie draws the winners tomorrow, I will let you know who won. Whomever gets picked, will have to send me a contact e mail addy. Then we will discuss which piece you want and what color fabric. I will then photo some samples for you and let you choose the fabric. It will take a couple of weeks to finish the pieces and then they will be on their way to their new homes.

Good luck to all of you. Thank you so much for the votes that have been coming in. Tessie and I really appreciate your support.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Good luck with your weaving, Casey! Can't wait to see the end result.

Lataina said...

Someone is going to be oh so very happy tomorrow. Your wicker pieces are always wonderful. Good luck to all!!! =)

Kathi said...

Being the VERY proud owner of one of your wicker chairs, I must tell everyone how wonderful they are!!!!
I hope this does not exclude me from this drawing! I commented, I love Tessie and I want to WIN!!!
Oh, and I VOTE every day too!! :D

Merri said...

Casey, even if I don't win a chair, I win every day by reading your blog. I really look forward to seeing what you and Tessie do.

I hope you have some salve for your poor fingers. Perhaps Tessie can be (really) useful and zap your fingers into wellness after all that weaving.

I see your votes are up a percent..heehee, GOOD! Woot!

Thmini2 said...

Can't wait to see who wins. Your pieces are fantastic. I know that I would love to own a piece. Natural, white, colored or whatever.

Mona said...

I smile a lot when I read your blog.
Excited every day when I open up your blog, it`s so funny. And I am excited about the drawing.
Mona - Norway

elisabelle said...

Tous les jours de france je fais mon petit tour par chez tessie et je suis enchanté à chaque venue.Que de travail accompli, je suis émerveilléé.