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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Easy Does It....

I promised to show you how I decorate the hat stands this morning. Here it is.

I did have one tiny problem. I couldn't find my roses or my rose making tool.

There are other ways to make flowers.

I resorted to ruffles. Did you know that silk ribbon can be gathered without sewing? I am sure that some of you do, but for those who didn't, this is how.

If you want a single ruffle, like the top example in the photo, you just pull on a thread at one edge of the ribbon and keep going until you have a ruffle the length that you want. When you have it, you simply put a spot of glue on each end of the ribbon, making sure that you cover the thread that you pulled. The hardest part is getting a hold of the thread in the first place. I use a pair of needle nosed tweezers to do this.

The second option is to pull both sides of the ribbon at the same time, like the bottom example. It gives a more orderly, pleated look.

I use the first method for the ruffle around the bottom of the last stand and for the flowers too.
Those, I just pulled into a circle and glued the ends together.

I really like roses better on these hat stands, but when you can't find what you are looking for, you improvise...At least that's what I do.

I did one other thing yesterday. I decided that the outside of the cottage needed updating. I painted the plaster with Trail Tan Ceramcoat. It still needs some ageing, but Tessie seems to like it so far....

Her only question when I finished wasn't even about the paint. She asked, "Can I sell helmets in the shop? They are hats, and witches need helmets for motorcycles as well as for brooms! Both can be hazardous to your health without a helmet."

She has a point. It is going to be difficult to make a helmet that will fit over her bun.....And her pointy hat. Maybe a pointy helmet is what we need. I am going to look into that.

See you tomorrow.


Daydreamer said...

Casey, you crack me up! I can't wait to see the pointy witch hat helmet! Don't forget the feather guard! LOL!

ShellbyFay said...

Haha!! I cant wait to see the helmet-hats too! I'm sure you'll find a brilliant way of making them, you always come up trumps!
The cottage looks a lot better with a new coat of paint too!

María José- islabcn said...

I look forward to see the witch's pointy helmet. I like your ideas, make mi enjoy.
Kisses from Spain

Merri said...

Wow, a witch helmet~ Don't forget to include "helmet" in your subject labels, Casey! You never know who might be looking for just such a topic!


Meapuntoatodo said...

Una manera muy original de embellecer .. gracias por compartir. Me gusta mucho todo lo que haces, como lo haces y las historias de Tessie ... tan adorable y humana ... Un beso desde madrid.Mariajo