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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Moving Right Along....

We are getting there.....I managed to install the shelving units this morning and discovered that most of the hat stands that I had on hand were too tall for the shelves. I forgot that I made them when I had a hat shop in a large hat travel case from the 30s. I did a lot of shortening this morning. Right now, I still haven't changed the curtains in the downstairs shop area. If I don't mention toasters, maybe Tessie will forget them.

Looking at the photo, I noticed that the candles in the chandelier need straightening also.

The rug is one that a friend gave me a while ago. It is a Turkish one.

Tessie managed to get one of her witch hats in stock....I have a feeling that there may be more of those before we finish.
She is having a great time digging through all of the boxes and bags in the workroom....She found more hats, but let's not talk about what the workroom looks like right now...
The black hat in the corner is silk and the red feathers are real ostrich feathers.

Meanwhile, upstairs I have set up the sewing room. Friskie, Tessie's pet gator is set in his ways and refuses to move for the time being. I guess that every millinery shop needs a mascot.

Tessie is having a long talk with him on not eating the customers, or the neighbor's cat that wanders in to make friends. The basket maker is going to be upset if his cat disappears......So far, so good.

Not wanting my toes nibbled on, I am staying out of the discussion.

I still need to make new curtains for the sewing room. I guess I should get that done before the mood strikes me to do something else.

See you tomorrow....And I will decorate hatstands then.


Kathi said...

I was just looking at your sewing room and thought "Casey made everything there, even Tessie!" :D

If that gator misbehaves send him over here. We LOVE GATORS!

Minnie Kitchen said...

your collection amazes me everytime I see it!!

Lucille said...

Tessie has become quite the woman of property. As things stand, she has succeeded in acquiring a tea shop, a hat shop, and a townhouse. Have I missed something? I wonder what's next on her list of proposed acquisitions! Of course, she does have a good fairy godmother!

Caseymini said...

Lucille, you forgot that she is part owner of the Witches' Warehouse. She also claims ownership to the Mid Century Mod room and a couple of others....Including my house!LOL I just live here.