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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spooky Sunday......

It's Tessie's favorite day of the year. She informed me that she is spending the day with her sisters and does not wish to be disturbed.

She headed straight for the Witches' Warehouse, with "caution sign" in hand. I heard three of the sisters discussing where best to place the sign to keep trick or treaters from entering....Wouldn't you think that the front door would be the place for that kind of thing?

I think they are more worried about me invading than kids, although I did promise to keep out. No trust at all. What they don't understand is, I want the day off too. I am ignoring them completely after I take the photos.

The gypsy is in her usual place, prepared to read palms. She is very nervous though. Someone keeps flying a carpet through the area and they can't be seen. Very nervous.....

Tessie is in charge of refreshments. She is debating the opening of the "things that go bump in the night" compartment under the stairs. You would think that by now she would know better. Remind me to take the keys away from her. I get no sleep at all when she does that. It takes days to find those things. They make such a racket. They hide in the walls and rattle chains. She thinks it cute for about ten minutes and then she comes and begs me to help round them up. It's the same every year.

They all are waiting for Matilda, the fourth sister to arrive. The party can't start without her. Nobody checked the broom landing platform outside the second story.....Everybody knows that she is blind as a bat, drinks just a little too much before taking off, and can never make the platform on the first try. She has to buy or make a new broom every time. You can't see them, but there is a pile of broken brooms below her.

I hear Tessie yelling for help with the round up. Too bad I can't zap myself out of here. I guess I should go get the net and start hunting......There goes one now! Quick! Grab the net!

Happy Halloween! See you tomorrow.

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Kathi said...

Love the flying carpet! Looks like Tessie will have her hands full with Matilda. She looks a little tipsy already. Great photos! Perfect for a Happy Halloween!

Lucille said...

Happy Halloween Casey and also to Tessie and the little witches. Hope you have a nice day!


Nicole said...

Aah... those witches :-) May be what about Matilda should take a flying carpet next time when her broom gets brocken ;-)
Wonderful pics, Casey, have a Happy Halloween too!