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Monday, November 1, 2010

It's All Perfectly Legal.....

Back to reality this morning....No more ghosts and goblins. Now it's laundry and cleaning.

I actually got all of the top cupboards in the kitchen cleaned and straightened.....Notice I didn't mention the bottom ones....I did only one of those.

Then I decided to take a short break and mess with the bed for the Russian Cottage again.

I remembered that I have three very nice, hand felted, blankets in my stash that Nikki of Witch and Wizard Miniatures sent me with my gourd bottle last month. The color of all three was in the blue/green range and when I tried them, one was perfect. I will still put other things on the bed, but this will be the basis of everything.

Now about the legal part. I don't want to mess up the felt with glue or anything that would damage the piece. Sooooo.... I used good old transparent tape. It just barely holds to the felt, but it stays put long enough for me to get everything together and flip the mattress into the bed frame. Nobody will ever know it's there. Perfectly legal...

One of my hang ups in the mini world is pillows and other things that are supposed to have some weight, that float above what they are laying upon.

Again, I didn't want to damage the pillowcase with the hand embroidered edge. This is the solution.

Before I stuff the pillow in the case, I put a straight pin in each corner from the inside, point outwards. " Thank you Tessie, for the demonstration and by the way, you can change your apron now. Halloween is over."

I used big old yellow headed pins for the demonstration so that you could see where they are. I would normally use silk pins or sequin pins for this step so that they don't show.

Starting on the closed end of the pillow I laid it on the bed and aimed the pins towards the center of the pillow, plunging them through the mattress. That way they won't slide back out.

Then I do the same with the other two, also going towards the center. This stretches the edges of the pillow and case so that the can be manipulated to look like the case is laying on the bed and not up in the air. OK. So I'm a little picky......

Yesterday I found a partial pattern in one of the Russian sites that would make a good rug. Of course I couldn't wait to start it. Tessie is helping in her spare time. After I finish adapting it my version will be a square rug. I am sticking as close to the original colors as I can get.

I don't know if the peasants would have had a rug like this, but I am assuming that someone in the family knew someone somewhere that did rug weaving. I can't resist rugs in any setting. Especially if the pattern is authentic and antique. It's going in the cottage somewhere.

That's what I finished before my conscience got the better of me. I am going back to the real world now and do the real laundry and the real cleaning and the real cooking and the real mopping of floors and the real vacuuming..... I think that I need a reality check.....

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

No, no no. No reality check. Back to work on your rug! I'm sure it's going to be beautiful! :D
As for what my next project will be?
All I can say is that it WON'T be anything as tiny as that little house! My eyes can't take much more of this.

Nicole said...

Wonderful rug pattern, can't wait to see the finished one... and also what Tessie's new apron will look like...
Good choice to use the felted blanket for the bed!

Glenda said...

So that's where Nikki's felt bedcovers went ;) They're beautiful!
Good luck with the rug, a new project is always fun.
Thanks for the pillows method! Sometimes you can fill pillows with builder's sand or semolina or seed beads to make them lie flat and floppy.

Caseymini said...

Glenda, a lot of times I use sand or salt. We can't use semolina or other edibles around here. BUGS! I don't use seed beads, because they are too course for me. Also I happened to have this pillow already stuffed and was too lazy to redo it with other filling. Thus the pins. I also sometimes use pins in the same manner on quilts to make them hang the way I want them without starch or hairspray.

May said...

Muy bonito el esquema que has elegido para la alfombra, seguro que te queda preciosa.
En cuanto a las labores de la vida real, es lo que nos ha tocado y no qurda más remedio que hacerlo.
No te canses demasiado.
Besitos, May

Christine said...

We have the same problem with insects, and salt dissolves when it gets wet,as I discovered, but as long as your spring cleaning doesn't extend to washing the pillows is great. :~D Pins would be good for fingers that want to pick the whole bed up for a closer look!

Enjoy your real life cleaning!

Marlene said...

Love the rug, casey I'm now being cheeky, what size will it be when finished, I am looking for a rug for a Christmas project, I love cross stiting rugs and want something different hint hint

Minka's Studio said...

Love this posting. All very interesting. If ever I made a dollhouse, a Russian cottage is right up there on my list. I agree on the "pillow issues" and like your solution.