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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don't Tell Tessie!!!

Yesterday, Tessie announced that she wanted a black wicker set especially for Halloween this year. Here we go again.....

There is a way to get around making everything that Tessie has on her list.

No. I didn't make that black wicker chair overnight. I found an old brown one that I wasn't using. Then I grabbed a can of flat black spray paint. Almost instant black wicker chair. Don't tell Tessie!!!

She told me that she didn't want matchy-matchy to the apron this time. She dragged out the tuffet that you see in the photo and asked, "May I have skeletons?"

Since I had lots and lots of skeleton fabric, I said "Yes. You may." and got started bright and early this morning.

I thought that I would show you how I make slip seats for the wicker. This is so that they can be changed, if I tire of one fabric and want another.

The first step is to cut out the shape of the cushion from 1/4" foam core and one from poster board also. Then I cut a long 1" strip that will fit around the foam core and one that is 1/2" larger all around than the poster board.

At the same time, since I knew that she would want a pillow, I cut two squares of poster board the size that I wanted the pillow and two pieces of fabric 1/2" larger than those also.

I cut two pieces of low loft batting the shape of the cushion and the same for the pillows.

Next, I clipped the edges of all of the material and mitered the corners so that everything would lay flat when I glued it to the bases.

Here you see the clipped pillow material and the other side glued down to the back.

The foam core piece gets centered on the fabric and glued around both the top and bottom.

The top of the cushion is clipped and glued to the back all around. If you need to, trim anything on the back that doesn't lay flat.

Then glue the top of the cushion to the foam core base and the two pieces of the pillow back to back. You can clamp this for a while if you aren't sure that it is going to lay flat.

The last thing to do is put cording or trim around the seams between the pieces. In this case, I used #5 pearl cotton.

I wouldn't let Tessie sit down until after the photo.

You simply slide the seat in and out as needed.

Tessie likes this particular chair because I wove a pocket in the left side as a place to stash her books and magazines.

I also put the same trim around the tuffet. Now all it needs is feet.....Did I mention that the feet are somewhere in the Black Hole of my workroom......?

Guess where I am going now? I have one end of the string tied around my ankle. Who has the other end of the string? Please tie it to the door handle. I'm goin' in!!!

With any luck, and a couple of good strong knots, I will see you tomorrow.


Debbie said...

The Chair and the Tuffet look great Casey. Tessie picked a great material. xxx

Susanne said...

Lucky Tessie, she really has all a witch could ask for, although she sometimes do not recognise this. Would you show her my comment, please ;-)
Love, Susanne

Marisa Stein said...

Im glad Tessie got her Black Wicker in time for the holidays, I wonder what she'll get up too tomorrow?

Marisa :)

Lisette said...

You have really spoiled Tessie. What will Tessie happy Halloween with beautiful chair and cushion.

Lataina said...

This is great. I love the little pocket for Tessie's literature. =)

CLARA said...

¡Te ha ganado Tessie una vez más!
Esta tapicería está muy adecuada para estas fechas. Muy bien pensado poder cambiar los almohadones.
Besos Clara

Nicole said...

Oh my god!!! Hope you find the feet for the tuffet in the Black Hole and get there out
We don't want to miss you here!!!
Thanks for showing how to make the seats for this wonderful Helloween wicker chair. It's perfect :-)

Mini Me said...

ooo... I really like the black wicker!!

miniacollection said...

It is great, Tessie can be very happy.

Faith said...

awwwww....everything's wonderful...