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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Wasted Morning......

So far, I am not impressed.....This morning I decided to sign up for facebook. I managed to log on, fill in the profile and request a few friends. After that, it seemed to be chaos. The friend part was fine, until I tried to find a list of my friends that had accepted and that had accepted me. I have several people that have accepted and some that I accepted. I know because I got e mails notifying me. I wasted a lot of time trying to find that list alone. I know it must just be my stupidity. Surely facebook couldn't be trying to drive me insane on purpose....Please. No comments about my sanity or lack thereof.

After a while it was all just to fluster-ating(April's word from when she was little. It seems to illustrate what I am feeling at the moment.

I finally gave up and decided to do something worthwhile to make me feel better. For some reason the words "contour chair" popped into my head. This is what I have done so far.

Tessie took one look at the first step and inquired, "Are you trying to make yourself some high heels? If you are, they are way to small."

Thanks a lot, Tessie. Not only am I fluster-ated, but I have big feet too.

"No, Tessie. It's for you." I said.

"Let me guess again. It's a warped surfboard...."

"Just you wait, Tessie. You are going to like it. I promise."

She went away and ignored me for a while.

When she came back, this is what it looked like.

"Now it looks like a warped moccasin. Are you going to bead it?" She asked.

"No, Tessie. No beads."

(By the way, in case you haven't figured it out yet...It's the contour chair....Use your imagination. Honest, it is.)

I cut the form out of foam core. I scored it at 3/16" intervals across where I wante it to bend, cutting all but the bottom layer. The knee bend is on one side and the butt bend on the other.

For the upholstery, I did the same thing as for the sofa. Two layers of thin bonded batting. The first layer was the same as the chair. The second one wrapped around to the bottom edge.

Next I hunted for suitable material..... Good bye orange T shirt.
After I finished that layer, I covered the back with very thin self sticking black felt.
I got that far when Zar strode in and volunteered to try it out.

He likes it. I still have to put legs on it, but I have to talk him into moving first.

That may not be a problem. Tessie came in and when she saw it, she started growling. "Get out of MY chair!!!"

Be afraid, Zar. Be very afraid.......

Excuse me. I have to go break up a fight now and find or make some legs.

See you tomorrow.


Thmini2 said...

I am on facebook also and am very confused about how to use it.
Funny how Tessie doesn't care about things unless someone else wants them. I shouldn't say that she wanted...and... and... What every she hasn't seen in awhile. lol

Kathi said...

Casey's on Facebook?! Great news!
Love the chair. :D

SJNorris said...

I am also on FB, almost a year now and I personally love love love it...friend me!

Lainie's Little Things said...

On Facebook you have to go to your profile, (right hand top) then you can see your friend list on the left under your info. Click on "See All" then a list comes up in ABC order. They do that just to irritate me I think!
I looked for you but couldn't find you. If you'd like to friend me go to the "Friend Finder" and type in lainieball.
OH oh oh (I almost forgot!!) go to the Facebook page. It's great! Ernie posts all the time! Plus you get a discount for liking them!!! Woo Hoo!
Hopes that helps a little:~)
P.S. Love the chair!

Sans! said...

I have given up on fb. It takes me ages just to find my friends' list.

April said...

Fluster-ation is no fun! Glad to hear you are back on track.

Clara said...

El fb ocupa mucho tiempo, siempre hay alguien diciendo algo y te da pena no comentar. Yo lo uso poco, pero hay que estar.
Me gusta más tu sillón-relax, muy buen resultado.
Besos Clara