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Sunday, September 12, 2010

"I'll Have One of Each, Please....

Since I am still working in the black hole, I decided to show you what I did with the shelves that I took out of the closet. All of this cleaning is giving me a headache. OK. I had the headache when I got out of bed this morning....But the workroom is not helping at all.

As you can see, I stacked the two units, one on top of the other. I had to take down the four shadow boxes that I had hanging on the wall to make space for the shelves, so I decided that they should go in four of the holes. They are just the right size. The other two shelves got an overflow of books from other places.

The nice thing about the shadow boxes is, I can hide other things that need to be stored behind them. For instance, the shelf that Tessie is standing on hides the ugly battery charger.(Don't forget to poke the photos.)

Now about the other shelves. Tessie found the poor no name lady that was one of my first dolls in a cage, as she calls it.

Tessie knows how this feels. She was in a glass fronted box for a few years until she started yelling at me every time I passed it. I finally couldn't stand it and let her out. Little did I know what that would lead to.....

Tessie is feeling bad about it. She named her Eulalia and promised to come visit her often. So far, this one had never moved or spoken. It is strange how some little people speak volumes, while others never say anything.

After a while, Tessie gave up and then rediscovered the purse vignette....I was hoping that she had forgotten that one. She did while it was out of sight.

She said the same thing that she says every time she sees it. Thus the title...."I'll have one of everything." and she didn't even say please.

Anyway, I am going to take a couple more aspirin and go back to work now.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Love to see all of your completed minis and room boxes! My craft room is mostly full of things I used before I discovered miniatures. Someday I hope to have more miniatures than STUFF. :D
Back to work. "See you tomorrow!"

Katie said...

Hope your headache goes away soon!

Although I remember the time before Tessie....I do rather enjoy her antics! So glad you let her out of her cage:)

Clara said...

Muy buena idea poner esas cajas con tus trabajos para esconder las cosas que no te gustan pero que no hay más remedio que tenerlas.
Me gusta el resultado. Espero que las aspirinas te hagan efecto y puedas seguir :)
Besos Clara