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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Treasure Hunt...

Since it's Wednesday, once again, I will probably not get a lot done on minis. I decided that it was time to go through some of the drawers in the workroom.

I picked out the one that is full of "misc miniatures". At least that is what the label said on the outside of the drawer.....

Of course, as soon as I started rattling things, you know who showed up.

Tessie and Zar insisted on helping....This didn't bode well....They immediately started grabbing things for their separate houses. It was a mess.

I finally put my foot down. They could fill Tessie's new shelves and each pick out a couple of personal items.

Zar picked out a chess board and pieces and Tessie grabbed a pillow....That was interesting, because she has the other one of that set stashed already. Now I know where both of them are. Maybe she can be a help after all.

They made short work of filling up the new shelves. I can see that I am going to have to do it without them around....I found canned butterfly wings, buffalo meat and Nabisco Saltines on the same shelf. I am not sure if those are for snacking or building a potion. Either way, it doesn't sound tasty.

By the way, you will be relieved to know that Tessie never did catch a cat yesterday. No warthogs.

Then Zar found an old, very old, microwave oven. I found it at Pic n' Save in the early 80s. He told Tessie that he could fix it if she wanted to use it in the workroom. He examined it and declared, "This is rare. It's the first wind-up microwave oven that I have ever seen. Very odd."

I wound it up and turned it on. After all these years it still works. That is, the turntable inside still rotates. I tried to tell him that it didn't really work for cooking, but to no avail. He insists that, when he finishes with it, it will heat things up in a hurry. This should be an interesting experiment.

Meanwhile, Tessie found an old pot rack and wants it fancied up to hang above her work table for hanging pitchers and such.
She also pulled out a beach chair from the mess in the drawer. It was a kit that someone gave me.

She insists that, painted and with a new canvas seat, she will be able to use it.

I chose to work on that. It didn't take long to paint and cut a new sling.

I have to admit that I like it a lot better now. The only problem is, so does Zar.

He says that it looks all manly painted black and gussied up, as it is.

I'm not sure about the manly part.

I think that I will let them fight it out. I imagine that Tessie will win in the end. It would make a great garden chair and Zar doesn't have a garden.....Yet. Hopefully, that will keep them occupied long enough for me to get out of here.

If they haven't torn it apart, arguing over it, when I get back maybe I will make a second one. I should tell them now that I will do that.....But what fun would that be? They would be bored all afternoon.

I am off to Wednesday Witches mini meeting now.

See you tomorrow.


Claudia said...

I have a feeling that Tessie will win. But you have to give them both credit for creative thinking!


My word verification is 'mullet!'

Clara said...

A la hamaca le has dado un buen cambio, antes era de terraza y ahora puedes ponerla en el salón de la casa. Me gusta ese cambio mucho.
Ya veo que cuando clasificas acabas teniendo una caja de "no sabe no responde", a mí me pasa lo mismo. Realmente en esa caja tenías tesoros.
Besos Clara

Carmina said...

hace un tiempo que sigo su blog y me encanta, por lo que he visto,,creo que llevara muchisimo haciendo miniaturas,quisiera agradecerle infinitamente que comparta sus trabajos y tutos...que espero me ayuden con mi primera casita,hecha sin escalas ni nada a ojo, todo un desastre para una entendida como usted. Gracias y felicidades por el blog

May said...

Me parto de risa con tus historias de Tessi y Zar.
Parece que vayan de compras a los garajes, jejeje.
Es interesante arreglar esas cajas que llevan de todo, porque se enuentran muchas cosas olvidadas.
Besitos, May