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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We Have Potions!!!

We finished the potion distillery this morning.
In the first photo you can see the first tank. It is where all of the ingredients are put in to brew. Tessie is pointing to a funnel spout that she had us add. She explained it this way...."There are some ingredients that have to be put in after the mixture has stewed for a while, so I need a way to put them in without disturbing the rest of the brew."

This is how she insisted it would work best. Zar and I didn't argue with her. It is unwise to argue with someone that can brew a potion that will turn you into a warty toad.....

In case you are wondering about the parts....They started out as various pieces of turned wooden parts that I purchased at Michael's and garage sales.....There are lots of different metal findings. The one on the top is part of an antique watch fob. I also used some gold sticky paper strips here and there, that I got at one of the mini shows. This is another case of using what I have on hand.

Here is the second half, where the finished brew lands. There is also a spout there for last minute fresh ingredients like ant whiskers and Caterpillar fur. Those can't be boiled. Tessie informs me that it will ruin the potion if they are added too soon.

The barrel is just that. It is a turned raw wooden barrel that I got long ago when I was collecting items for a general store. I still haven't managed to even get that started. Someday......

The copper coil is some of the 16 gage copper wire that I got at the garage sale a couple of weeks ago.

The funnels on both pieces are end caps for beaded necklaces.

Put the whole thing together and in no time Tessie has a potion made.
The catch is, nobody is willing to try it. It is a new experimental draught. It either turns the drinker invisible or it turns him into a warthog....The invisible part might be cool.....Not so sure about the second option.

The last I saw of Tessie she was chasing the cats around the house trying to get them to drink it.....There may be a problem if she is successful with that plan.

We may have invisible cats....or....Does anybody know what you feed a pet warthog???

See you tomorrow.


Mini Me said...

Love it! Very steampunk modern!

Michelle's Mad World said...

This is fabulous! It looks really as though it could be real. :o) I love the funnels, I've not seen those bits for necklaces before. Truly fantastic idea Casey! :o))

Michelle xx

Thmini2 said...

Very cool!! I bet Tessie is very proud of it. Hopefully she doesn't catch anything to feed the potion to. LOL.

berri said...

hey casey,

i love the potion contraption. i also wanted to tell you that i really enjoy reading your blog. i'm working my way from the beginning now. thanks for the wonderful ideas and tutorials.


~MiniMaker said...

Fabulous, as usual!
Hugs =)

Jaana said...

That is so fabulous! You have so many wonderful ideas. I love your blog!!

Deni said...

OH WOW!!! that is amazing looks fantastic I luv what you do
the contraption is so very very interesting!!!
Clever you!

miniacollection said...

Great stuff! Well, I'm not so sure about the potions... You will have to tell us what happened to the cats if Tessie managed to make them drink the potions.

Clara said...

¡Increible alambique! Espero que tu no bebas esa poción, si te conviertes en sapo no tendrás manos para seguir haciendo estos trabajos maravillosos.
Espero que Tessie sea lista y no te haga tomar la poción.
Besos Clara

JJ said...

grasses, roots, berries and other fruits, bark, fungi, eggs and carrion, bulbs, rhizomes.

Read more:

not so sure it wouldnt be a good idea to get Tessie to find a potion to turn it back though ...

oh, and if its invisible, you would hacec to catch it first.

... im sure she can make a catfood potion to, if you bribe her...