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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shelving 101

Nag! Nag! Nag! Tessie has been after me for the past 24 hours about the shelf unit in the bathroom. I finally gave in and made her one this morning.

Grab a 3/32" sheet and come along for the ride. I cut a back 2"X6". I cut two sides 1" X6". Then I cut four shelves 2" by 1"minus 3/32", 29/32" to be exact. That was to allow for the thickness of the back of the shelves.

I sanded all of the pieces, then marked the sides and backs for each shelf with a T square to make sure that the shelves would be level.

Then I cut a four long and eight short pieces of 1/16" square stock as shelf braces and glued them under the lines drawn on the sides and back.

Next, I used my handy dandy magnetic squaring jig from Micro Mark. This is the best investment that I ever made for making furniture. I glued the sides to the edges of the back and then before it was dry all the way, so that they could be adjusted, I put in the shelves. When those were dry, I put the top on. It is a piece that hangs over the edge of the front and sides by 1/16".

Here you can see the reinforcements holding the shelves. They will virtually disappear when the shelf is painted.

After it dried, I put on a couple of coats of light ivory Ceramcoat paint. Then I edged the shelves with scrap booking paper lace. This could be done with real lace also.

Tessie is now a happy camper. She has already loaded the shelves with towels and bottles of all kinds. She says that the frog on the second shelf used to be a handsome prince before he irritated her......

I am very close to being done with the workroom. I stuck the still at the back atop some tiles. We don't want to mess up the wood floors.

I am sure that, before it is all said and done, Tessie will rearrange the whole thing ten times, but for now, this is how it is going to look.

I am off to do other things now. The cats are yelling for food and I don't want to take the chance of letting Tessie feed them......

See you tomorrow.


Margaret said...

The shelves look great, and the other shelving unit looks like a designer piece!

Clara said...

Has hecho bien en poner eefuerzos en los estantes, parece que Tessie los llena rápido y mucho.
La estanteria de la sala, cada vez que la veo me gusta más.
Besos Clara

Kathi said...

Ditto what Margaret said! Looks great!

Jaana said...

The shelves look great :)