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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Not In The Mood.....

I reupholstered and cleaned up the footstool that I bought, yesterday afternoon. I immediately hated the check fabric on it, but it is going to stay for now. I want to do a needlepoint cover for it. I think that it would look better.

Now. About not being in the mood....That is for minis. I am rebelling and taking the day off.

I had to go over to April's and Seth's house this morning and feed the cats and chickens. That part was fun. The three chickens greeted me like a long lost cousin. The two cats put their noses in the air and pretty much ignored me. I had to work on them to get them to like me. They miss mom and dad.

On the way back, I hit seven or eight garage sales......Nothing! Nada! I hate it when an old guy tries to pass off a dirty wooden wine box from the 90s as an "antique cigar box"! I think that he sat and looked at it for a bit and thought to himself...."What can I call this and how much will some stupid person pay. The rest didn't even have anything interesting.

When I arrived home, my cats ignored me too.....I am getting a complex.

I started cleaning my workroom and decided that was too much like work. After all, this is the weekend and weekends are supposed to be fun. Right?

I opened my UFO bead drawer. I have a lot of UnFinished Objects in that drawer. Tessie was following me around with a gleam in her eye. You know how she loves "shiny".

She climbed in and immediately spotted what she called the beaded afghan. She pulled it onto her lap and refused to part with it.

She announced, "This is going to make a wonderful Mosaic table top, since you won't let me use it for an afghan."

You know how these things go with her. She started making a pile of things that she wants me to finish.....She may be irritating, but at least she is motivational.

These are some of the things that she dug out. Don't forget to poke the photo to see better.

From right to left, four peyote stitch bracelets, two circular medallion starts, one beaded embroidery butterfly, a ring at the top, a small tube beaded bead at the bottom, her medallion, the front of a medicine bag, a small piece of loom work and a North African panel of peyote stitch.

Let's see...If I start this afternoon, I may be finished with them all by 2020.

In my defence, I do finish things. I just don't always finish them right away. Tessie lugged these pieces out so that you could see proof. Mind you, the bottle on the front left has been finished and used so long that there are a few beads missing from the neck. I guess I should fix that before I work on anything else.

I am surprised that the handles on the tools have held up so well. I thought those would be the pieces that would need repairs. They get the most and the roughest use.

Before I go, I will show you one last piece. This one was done in the early 90s when this kind of amulet necklace was very popular here in the southwest. I made this one for a contest at one of the local bead shops. It won me first place and a shopping spree.

Tessie pulled it out of my jewelry chest and has been trying to shrink it all afternoon. No success. I didn't explain that her spells will not work on amulets. They have a magic of their own. I am afraid that if she found that out, she would confiscate it and try to use it for her spells..... That could be big trouble....Please don't say the word amulet around her. She doesn't need any more help.

I am going to go now and not do minis for the rest of the day.

I found some really interesting fabric for a bed and am getting in the mood to make one. Maybe by tomorrow I will be back to doing minis

See you then.


Kathi said...

Your new footstool looks great! I love the checkered fabric. It would be pretty with needlepoint too.
You have quite a nice collection of UFOs! So pretty!
I love beads, but I don't think I could ever do something like that!

Enjoy your evening! The minis can wait. But not too long! :D

Clara said...

El collar se mereció el primer premio, está precioso y lleno de color.
Yo tambien tengo una caja OVNI :)
Hisciste muchas cosas bonitas con cuentas.
Feliz domingo.
Besos Clara

Jill said...

Okay, those tool handles are just way too cool. Very artsy and fun!

MiniKat said...

Love the amulet necklace! Do you think you will be finishing any of those beading projects this year?

Caseymini said...

Kathi, if you do cross stitch, you could probably easily do peyote stitch. It is just a matter of following a chart.

Clara and Kat, I think that we all have UFO drawers of one kind or another. I just have more different ones than most people do....Wandering mind.

Jill and Kat, other poeple doodle with a pencil or pen when bored. I doodle with beads. That's why I have so many UFOs. I just start beading and some of the things come out ok and others go to the UFO drawer...

May said...

Muy original los mangos de la herramientas.
Ls gsrgsntills te ha quedado muy bonita.
Besitos, May

Deni said...

I like the footstool too you wont be able to misplace it! I luv bright!!!!
Has Tessie a sister I need one to come over here and intice me to get on with all my unfinished projects
I need to make a few dresses for my daughters 18 inch dolls, thats my next project!!!!now if I could get someone like Tessie to give me a push..........

Debbie said...

Great little foot stool Casey. Great for storing more minis in..LOL
Love your bead work. xxx

Claudia said...

I love the handles on those tools! Tessie is a great motivator! I love that necklace you made that won first place.