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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bug Beer and Cookies for Lunch....Oh My!

The party is still going strong in the retro room box. When I left this morning, they were all arguing about who was going to go out for more refreshments.

As I left, to told Tessie that I would see if I could scare up the makings for Bug Beer and some cookies.

She said that would be good if I could find a large supply, especially of the bug beer.

I headed out and found what I was looking for in that little bargain section at the front of the Target stores. They have the Halloween stuff in the dollar bins now. I grabbed a bag of Halloween pencils. That's all Tessie needs.

When I got home, I sat my little power saw to cut about half inch slices off of the pencils and went to work. I won't let Tessie use the saw. I fear that she would wind up cutting off a foot. She isn't always too careful.

I cut up two pencils for a start. The polka dot one, I just cut into the half inch slices. I was a little more selective with the other one, but it was still easy. The pencils happened to have designs on them that were about a half inch tall with a bit of plain color in between. I just cut that part out.

All together, I got 18 cans out of the two pencils. There will be a large supply of others if she runs out.

I doubled pieces of painter's tape with the sticky side out and stuck the cans to it. That made it very simple to paint the ends of the cans without having to pick each one up. I got out the silver paint and dabbed some paint on them.

After they were dry, I stuck them together in six packs. I know there are very few six packs around anymore, but that's how Bug Beer has always been packaged. Witches are slow to change.

Next, I sliced the erasers with an Exacto knife. Each eraser yielded 6 or seven cookies. They would make a lot more if one wanted to go to the fuss of taking off the metal collar. I decide that, for a dollar, I could afford to just slice the part that showed.

I took a Pigma Micron black .005 size pen and drew Jack O Lanterns on the orange ones. Spider went on the yellow ones and webs went on the pink ones.

Before Tessie went back to feed the masses, she sat down and had a few cookies and a bug beer. She said, "I need a break from all of the commotion that is going on in the retro room. They will get their bug beer after I have mine." and then, "First come, gets first pick of the goodies!"

I can't argue with that logic.

Have fun making your own bug beer and cookies for Halloween!

See you tomorrow.


Beatriz Fernández said...

Es marvilloso darme una vuelta siempre por tu blog. Hacer los botes con lapices es una idea estupenda.

Katie said...

Dang Casey! I never thought of cutting up pencils....or erasers! How smart!!

Kathi said...

How clever Casey! You can see things I would never see! LOVE the beer and the cookies!

Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

Cute idea...they turned out great!!
-Kim :)

Michelle's Mad World said...

What truly inventive and fabulous ideas! I love them! ;o))

Michelle xx

Picnicgal said...

Very cute, Casey! And inexpensive too! You are truly an inspiration!

Caseymini said...

I first started doing the pencil beer cans when I did the Witches Warehouse years ago. There are some six packs in front of the counter in that store.

I have seen people cut up the pinkish erasers and call them slices of balogna and I figured that if those could be lunch meat, the colorful ones could be cookies with a little decoration.

Kathi, I have been seeing things for a long time! I just automatically think in mini now.LOL

Anna said...

I love your ideas! Thank you for sharing!

WendiesMiniWorld said...

what a clever idea!!! my daughter has one of those skull pencils in her school bag... methinks maybe not for much longer though ;-) now I just need a power saw.....

Caseymini said...

Wendy, you don't have to have a power saw. I did lots of them with just an Exacto miter box and hand saw.That works just fine.

rosanna said...

Incredibly clever and cool !

Kim said...

brilliant! What an easy project too- I think I definitely have to try this one out! Thank you Casey :)

~MiniMaker said...

Fantastic idea! They turned out great!

Clara said...

Tessie aprovecha muy bien todas tus ideas y yo tambien :)
Besos Clara