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Friday, September 24, 2010

Shall We Dance???

This morning I decided to take a spin around the antique mall. I found two butter knives and a footstool. Of course as soon as I got it in the door, Tessie laid claim to it. However, I won the battle this time. She couldn't keep the lid open to keep from suffocating and finally gave up on the idea of making it into a hideout to keep away from Zar.

I seem to have a thing for footstools, all shapes and sizes. This one caught my eye because it was cheap and I like the hidey hole. More storage is never a bad thing around here.

I will have to do just a little repair on the finish and put a new pad and upholstery on the top and it will be as good as new.

On the way back, I stopped at Dollar tree. My car is trained to automatically turn into that shopping center whenever we go by there.

Anyway, it made Tessie forgive me for the footstool.....I found her some new friends.

These garlands of skeletons(4 to a package) were a pretty good find. A couple of years ago I found some at Walmart and paid more than a dollar.

As soon as Tessie saw them she glared at me and asked,"Sooo....Do they dance?"

I answered, "How should I know? You're the one that has a thing about dancing skeletons, not me."

She lined them up an was working on a Rockettes routine....So far they aren't too coordinated. I don't see a chorus line in their future. They are trying.....

I also got three of the little glue bottles that I like to stick into work boxes for a dollar. Even if the glue isn't great, the bottles are refillable.
I got Tessie to pose with the finished baskets from yesterday and the checkerboard one that I am currently working on. How? Soon there will be two new baskets on the shelves in her retro room box.

The one that she is holding has real quail feathers on it and some tiny pieces of jade and agate.

The one by her feet is the rainbow one that I already had finished. I like that one because it has such happy colors.

Now that I have shown you all of the work that I didn't do this morning, I guess that I should go and actually do something constructive for the rest of the day....First I am going to bake a life sized chocolate cake. Hey! That's constructive.

See you tomorrow.


Sans! said...

We have the same skellies in our S$2 shop and they come out during Halloween. :) No, they don't dance very well unless you chop up their hands and feet and then re-fix them with ball bearings ?

You use gems to decorate your basket??? WOW! Those baskets deserve to be in a palace!

Caseymini said...

Sans, the "gems" are very small chips of different stones that we get at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show. Not high quality palace stuff.LOL They are really cheap or I wouldn't be using them. I would be wearing them!